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Written this morning:

Itís a new day. A day where I am not a loser Ė go me! Hey did I spell loser wrong yesterday? I think I did. Thatís too funny.

Yah so we had a raffle at work and I won something again this year (last year it was a liquor store gift certificate Ė sweet) this year itís a Beer Store gift certificate. Again sweet. I decided to put the certificate in Keithís stocking. Beer for x-mas Ė itís cute.

So I did make it to the gym last night even though the roads were complete crap. I think it totally would have been understandable if I didnít go. But go I did and work out I did even more. I cut the work out a bit short so I could go next door to look for a x-mas top. While I was perusing the tops and sweating in my winter jacket I realized I had a nice white top hanging in my closet that I have yet to wear! Itís fancy-ish as in I wouldnít wear it to work on just any olí day. Now I just have to try it on and a) make sure it still fits and b) make sure it works with either the fancy pants I am considering or the long skirt. Weíll see which it looks better with. White and black is a classic look. I just wish I had some red to dazzle it up with. Hm I will have to work on that.

I was pretty darn productive last night especially considering the lazy weekend I had. Apparently sleeping a lot and doing nothing makes me a lazy girl but send me off to work and then to the gym and then I am a go-bot. I made dinner and while it was in the oven I did a butt load of dishes. Then I put away laundry and after Keith went to bed I emptied the dish washer, re-loaded it, folded more clothes, tidied up the living room a little AND then I wrote until midnight! I was on this wicked ride and I just could not stop writing. Suddenly I didnít hate my story anymore! In fact I was kicking butt with the story. Iím still way behind in my word count but suddenly this feels doable to finish on Sunday. Now I jinxed myself of course but meh weíll see.

I was going to go outside at lunch today cause apparently itís pretty mild which is a nice change but I realized if I did I would spend money. Spending money right now is a no-no. I guess I could have went out without my wallet but really what fun would that be? Yah I just realized how lame that sounded.

This weekend is looking good fun-wise. Saturday night is our big office party Ė we go to a swanky hall all dressed up and eat a fine meal and then dance it off. We have to pay of course cause yah our company doesnít foot the bill Ė stupid government jobs. I jest cause hell have you seen the way the economy is going these days? Itís scary!

I volunteered to do that shoe-box thing again this year but I got a call saying 2 of my chosen days were already full. My friend/co-worker put our applications in too late. She wasnít affected just me. I called the girl and told her that I would stick with the one day they could accommodate me and maybe call in the day of to see if they needed an extra person. The girl I spoke to basically said I should show up anyway cause there are always people who donít show up. I think Iíll stick with the calling thing cause I always feel so nervous doing things like that. I expect someone to jump out with a clipboard and start yelling at me for being thereÖ.you know cause it is on a volunteer basis!

Oh wait I was talking about my upcoming weekend and then totally flaked and went on to another topic! So yah on Sunday afternoon Keith and I are going to see Mamma Mia. Itís actually playing in our city so thatís pretty exciting. Hey maybe we can use our fancy gift certificate T gave us to go out to dinner afterwards? Thinking out loud.


So yah that was this morning. Not much is happening right now. I went to the gym after work (weights are fun), came home made dinner (soup and sandwhiches) and now I'm avoiding writing (yah so much for being on that roll!).

A'ight I am outta here.....

9:29 p.m. - 2008-11-25


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