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Maybe it does all equal out....

Letís see Monday night I got about 6 hours sleep. Tuesday probably the same amount or I would dare say even a little less. Last night? 10 hours. Yah Iím not going to lie to you it was pretty damn sweet.

I came home with all these grand plans to write for Nano (nope I havenít given up hope), go swimming with T and just get a few things done. All that flew out the window as I got in my car to drive home and began to feel ill. I even got a bag ready beside me Ďjust in caseí. It was that bad. Luckily I just rolled down the window and let the cool air be my friend. I think I may have given myself a wee case of food poisoning. Weíre tracing it back to some suspicious lunch meat that was in the fridge. I had started to eat the sandwich yesterday at lunch with my soup but luckily I listened to my body and stopped eating it (sometimes Iím not so smart). But I guess I ate enough to give me some trouble.

I took 2 gravol as that was all we had on hand in terms of stomach upset. A while later I was fighting to keep my eyes open and I at first attributed it to being so tired from the past 2 nights but now I am 99% sure it was due to the gravol. A couple side effects are drowsiness and lightheadedness both of which I had. By 8:30 I was sound asleep beside Keith. I must say though it was an awesome sleep! It drives Keith nuts that medication of any kind actually works on me. They donít really work on him. At all.

So there went my night. I basically came home, had some dinner, and went to bed! I think everyone should have a night like that every once in a while Ė itís a good way to recharge your battery! (Minus the nausea though!)

Tomorrow I am at reception all day. I have so many plans while Iím there you think I was planning on having no clients come in or be doing any actual Ďworkí. I hope to work on my nano writing and I also hope to get a bunch of x-mas cards done for the card exchange. I emailed the organizer and asked if she could put me on just one of the exchanges, at first I was on both but this year I am the only Canadian on it and stamps are pretty darn expensive these days so sending out 20 or so to the States will suit me just fine. Times are tight I ya know.

Keith is actually starting to get paid for routes he has been on which is a huge relief. We have some big time payments that are due (or past due) so this money is just....needed. I actually have a cheque to put into our account at lunch. I actually squealed when I found the envelope in our mailbox this morning. I donít even know why I checked the mail box as I never check it in the mornings only at night. Very cool.

So the other day Keith was driving to work. He sneezed. He hit a construction cone. Oy vey. This man is killing me. He didnít do too much damage to the car Ė the passenger side mirror was the only casualty. It didnít fall off but it was hanging by a thread. Heís trying to figure out ways to fix it. He now drives the ghetto car Ė scraped up bumper (he did this), cracked windshield, missing antennae (someone stole it) and now a damaged passenger mirror. Wow. It has been decided (by me) that whenever we get a new car for the rest of our lives I will always be the one to drive it. Really it just makes sense.

Aíight time to post this puppy cause I know I wonít have time tonight. As soon as I get home tonight I will cooking dinner (not by choice!) and then itís off to shake my belly for the night. Good times. PS - Happy Thanksgiving for all those celebrating today!

1:59 p.m. - 2008-11-27


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