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50,000 words...that's all? PIffle.

Do I get a trophy or something? I mean the word "WINNER" in bold writing is nice and all but seriously is there no trophy? Yup I finished NanoWrimo.

I am in fact totally psyched about this. I thought for sure I would never make it cause I was a lot of words behind but I just grinded it out. There were even times when I couldn't stop writing no matter how tired I was or how much my hands were hurting after hours of typing - woo go me!

And now for the real entry or aka none nanowrimo stuff!

Let's see, well my plans for Friday didn't really worked out like I planned. Besides the clients who kept coming in and expecting...service I spent a lot of the morning actually getting some writing in (about 2000 words I believe). But the afternoon was shot when I had to go and take care of re-labelling over a hundred names on our mail bins. I kind of volunteered for it but by the second set of bins I was cursing myself out. Tomorrow should be pure chaos as a lot of our office moved internally (thankfully not our department which means I get to keep my sweet sweet window spot - a little history about this window spot: the last time we moved internally I was actually the second person in our area with seniority so me and one other co-worker got the sweet spots but hers are blocked by a wall against the window while mine is OPEN cause there's a cabinet up against the other window I'm against - oh yes that's right 2 windows!). If we moved again I would be lower on the food chain so my sweet spot would be gone and I'd be back to 3 tiny walls surrounding me.

So my Friday totally zoomed by and before I knew it it was the end of the day. I didn't think twice about the gym as I had abandoned that idea while I sweated my way through labelling. Instead I went grocery shopping and then home to start dinner where I promptly cut my finger while cutting veggies. It was okay though I know first aid. Keith came home and took over most of the cooking (we made a feast of chinese food and it lasted alllll weekend).

I stayed up late Friday night writing. Saturday I actually went to the gym in the afternoon. I did a little shopping first - I bought Keith a sharp red tie and I spent way too long debating on whether I should pay $25 for a red wrap to wear with my outfit. I was really hoping it would be cheaper and in fact considered the cheaper options which weren't even nice. Finally I just told myself to deal with it and bought it. The wrap and tie matched perfectly by the way. We looked quite dashing. I wore a white top and black pants with a gauzy material over them so they looked like a skirt while Keith wore a black suit, white top and said red tie. He looked super snazzy!

We left for the dinner/dance in good time which was unusual for us but as we walked down the stairs of our house Keith stepped on my trailing skirty thing ripped. We spent almost 20 minutes sewing it, looking at it, sewing it, looking, sewing you get the picture. Finally it was deemed good enough for me to wear. We drove to the hall which was at a university....and got lost. We couldn't find the parking lot they wanted us to park in so I called the contact number on the flyer and then once we found it the barrier was down so we couldn't get in. Turned out the campus closed it too soon. I called again and we parked in the lot directly across the hall for $3. Had I known it was only $3 we would have just parked there.

The night wasn't too bad. The food mas meh but I did end up winning a basket of booze which was cool. Although there was a whole hoopla cause I was number 9 and the number that was pulled could have been a 9 or a 6. We had to pull the six to see what it looked like. I was pretty excited to win. Then it was time to dance and party. I had four drinks total and left the party with a pretty big buzz at 12:30. I guess that's what happens when you haven't really drank in a while.

Today we saw Mamma Mia. We sat 4th row but to the right of the stage - pretty decent seats. It was of course excellent. At intermission I made a beeline for the women's washroom and managed to get 5th in line. I walked out and there were over 50 women in line - mwahaha.

And now? Now we're just kicking back, I posted my novel on the nano website, just had some pizza for dinner and am going to post this and put the laptop away for a while and give these fingers a rest!

6:56 p.m. - 2008-11-30


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