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Afterschool special time....

Wow - I can't believe it's been a week since I updated! It's not like I've had anything interesting to say but that hasn't stopped me before! Heh.

I just got back from belly dancing. It was a most excellent class. I now have such a fun time. I thought for sure once T's mom left I would go just for the fun etc but I have found some excellent friendships. We may even branch to outside of the class one of these days too! One of the girls works downtown a few buildings away from me.

Anywho I did start an entry earlier so here ya go:

My life is an after-school special. Seriously, that is how I feel. You know those shows where a person knows a Ďsecretí and they are torn between keeping it to keep the friendship and trust or telling someone because their friend is in (big) trouble? Yah thatís my life.

I have managed to keep Tís secret thus far with only small tidbits to Keith such as she is dating once more cause I figure since her mom knows and others know then itís not so big. I havenít mentioned the lust part. Then a couple days ago T told me her mom is kind of seeing someone. Now Tís mom is normally an open book but for some reason she wasnít telling me. I cornered her yesterday and got the whole story. Unfortunately he sounds like a scammer and I really really hope for her sake he isnít. But everything about him sounds made up Ė his name, what he does for a living, how rich he is. Apparently heís a millionaire BUT he has already had to Ďborrowí money from her. Not a little either - $800. And the kicker is she sent it to him. She canít afford this money! I swear to God itís like a rip off story on 20/20. He has said he will pay her back when he meets her. I donít remember exactly when that is but I do know he wants to take her to Paris for Christmas Ė her and T. Itís messed up.

She asked me not to tell T cause she knew her daughter would be mad. I told her I wouldnít but then last night after I told Keith we both realized how bad this is. She had gone out and bought him a cell phone (cause millionaires canít afford them ya know). Apparently the one she bought for him wasnít good enough and he requested another more expensive one. She was going back to the store to return it and get another one but I told her that she absolutely had to return it and NOT get another one. She has to find out if this man is legit first before.

So anyway I told T about it earlier. Her mom didnít come in to work this morning and as far as I knew it wasnít a scheduled absence. I got worried that she might have been at home depressed over being duped by this guy. So when I finally got hold of T I told her. I donít even care if she tells her mom she knows I mean I know her mom will be upset with me but I hate to see her falling for some scam artist who takes her money. The reason he gave was very lame. He is supposedly in Africa on Ďbusinessí and he lost his money and the hotel wonít take credit cards. I pretty much wanted to shake her at this point and tell her that hotels only take credit cards so people donít trash the room or steal stuff! Itís just frustrating to be a by-stander.

These two are gonna drive me crazy!

(Update: Spoke to T tonight who spoke to her mom. Her mom is giddy cause she's been texting all day with this man. Oh and she told T to tell me that she is going to do what she wants so nah-nah. She was apparently laughing while she said this. And this is where I wash my hands of the whole deal. Let the chips fall where they may!)

Letís see what else is new? Well I had an allergic reaction (again) to shrimp. I had left over shrimp from the weekend and my face puffed out and broke out into hives. I was fine when I ate it the first time Ė fresh from the package? Itís just weird. I was supposed to go and volunteer that night for the shoe box thing but I was too puffy and itchy.

I had a dream about my first ex last night. And I have no idea where it came from. I was apparently visiting him and it got late so I was going to stay the night, Iím not proud to admit it but in my dream I kissed him (although oddly enough it was exactly as if I was kissing Keith). Anywho for some reason I was asked to leave in the middle of the night by his cousin (which is actually my 2nd cousing in real life) and so I left in the dead of night to sleep in my car in the winter. I was really upset over this whole deal in my dream and could not believe he was doing this to me. Crazy dream.


And now that brings us to 'real' time. As I said on my f-book, it's my Frrrriday! I have big plans for tomorrow and I am praying I am in the shopping zone tomorrow cause I really want to get it all done. I have made many lists and have even outlined the stores I need to go to. I first want to hit the gym and then shop till I drop!

Originally Keith was supposed to be off as well but it turns out he has to work. I am conflicted. On one hand it would be nice to spend the day with him but there are times where I know I just walk in circles and spend too much time in one area and yah I would drive myself nuts too but it's the way I shop. So yay for shopping solo.

We're supposed to get our x-mas tree this weekend and I am SO psyched. I have no idea why I am this excited but I am! Maybe it's because last year we were still settling in to our house and this time around we are so much more organized and we have a lot less to do house wise. Let's decorate!!!

Mkay I am off to grab a bev-y, watch a little tv and then hit the sack somewhere around 11. I don't want to stay up late and sleep the day away.

9:26 p.m. - 2008-12-04


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