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Lots of Stress and a few lies

Okay I got 3 minutes to type this entry. Why 3 minutes? Well I just found out that my plans for the rest of the weekend have been thrown into disaray - big time.

Let me start backwards. I walked through the door tonight at 4:50. I talked to Keith for about 4 minutes, walked into our bedroom, layed down and didn't get up till 5:45. A little tired I was.

I'm sick. I got a cold. Why now? It's our family x-mas this weekend on Keith's side so my body knows that I'm gonna be stressed. Way to go body.

It has been a day of lies. T's mom's eyes have been opened big time about what's going on with the man in her life. She's being scammed and she has now lost thousands of dollars. She finally told T tonight and I think T might have not let on that I already told her. I will have to confirm this with her tomorrow. But man alive it was an emotionally wrought day as I had to show T's mom the article from the internet that proves she's being scammed. My work got way behind and since I have to account for every second of my day I had to push myself to pretty much do a whole day's work in one hour. Must have been why I needed the nap.

The second lie came when we were having a tele-conference with my old boss who will be in the office tomorrow. We told her we're not having our tacky gift party which we've always had to invite her to since she was our boss. We didn't this year and you guessed it she asked about it. We weren't too quick on our feet so we lied. We will definitely be caught in this lie and yah I guess she'll know how much we like her! Awesome.

Tonight we found out that Keith's mom would like us to come spend the night on Friday as the rest of the family will be. I was going to use Friday to finish picking up the last few things, wrapping and basically getting ready for Saturday - nice and leisurely. Gone. Out. The. Window. Did I mention that I am going to the above mentioned party on Friday after work? Yah so I will go to the party, leave it earlier than planned and then come home pack the car and leave for Keith's parents.

Tomorrow night I have belly dancing, our last class and we're going out afterwards. Hm no time tomorrow either. I coudn't go out tonight (we only found out about an hour ago the change of plans). I didn't want to go out since my head is damn fuzzy from being sick and I probably shouldn't be on the roads.

Okay I'm a little disoriented and pissy right now so it's probably best to end this so I can start wrapping the presents we do have. Oh joy.

7 minutes too long.

8:27 p.m. - 2008-12-10


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