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One Christmas down....

Oh look - 9 minutes until midnight so I was actually correct when I said I wouldn't be able to update until Sunday night!

So I didn't have to worry about being too cold at Keith's parents house Friday night but I'll get to that.

Friday after work I headed over to a co-worker's for our annual tacky gift party. There were only 6 of us but it was a great night. We talked, we ate, we exchanged tacky gifts. I had planned on leaving there around 9. Before I knew it, it was almost 11 o'clock. Whoops. I got my two passengers home and then headed home myself to wake up Keith and pack the car and head out.

We got to his parents just a few minutes shy of 1am. We weren't the last to arrive though. One other couple arrived around 2:30. We found out that all the rooms upstairs were spoken for and we were s.o.l.

Our options were sleep in the living room (completely open no privacy whatsoever) or sleep in the 'smoking' room which is private but you guessed it reeks of smoke. I admit I got totally bummed and was pretty upset. Why invite us to sleep over with no place to put us? Keith was at a loss of what to do with me cause like I said I was upset. There was no way in hell I would sleep in a room smelling of smoke. I was already sick with a cold and didn't need the added fun of trying to breath in that smelly room.

I ended up laying down on the couch and falling asleep while Keith sat with his family in the smoking room (both his parents smoke and one brother and one of the girlfriends). I awoke to find Keith dragging our air mattress into the living room and that is where we slept. It really wouldn't have been that bad (even beside a lit x-mas tree and many twinkling lights in the room) BUT one of his brothers and his girlfriend brought their small dog AND cat and kept them both in cages about 10 feet from where we slept.

All night long one would bark relentlessly and then stop only to have the cat start meowing really loud and long while rattling the cage trying to get out. Longest. Night. Ever. At least with my old cantakerous cat I can shush her up or at least do something. I was helpless with these animals. It was pretty overwhelming and let's just say we are not going to be doing that again. If we do spend the night again we will have a room or we won't be staying the night. Plain and simple. Gah!!

Besides that traumatic event Keith and I got up at 9am the next morning after what we call a brief 'nap'. I luckily got a charly horse in my calf trying to get up off the air mattress. I limped through the day but it was just a lovely reminder of my wonderful nights sleep.

The rest of the day was spent lounging, opening gifts and non stop snacking. Rather than have a traditional dinner it was decided that everyone would bring food and we would just snack. We were just supposed to bring a couple pies but Keith made pulled pork and brought a crap load of buns (the perks of being a bread man!). Everyone loved the pulled pork and it was a huge hit. I got some great gifts but the one movie I wanted (Mamma Mia) isn't released until this Tuesday so I was told I would be getting that later. I hope they know that I don't forget about this kind of thing especially since I really want the movie!

Keith and I finally left around 7pm. We got stuck on the way out. I told Keith to keep backing up before trying to go forward but the stubborn man wouldn't listen so he had to push us out. We were both completely exhausted when we got home and were both in bed and sleeping by 11pm.

Today we were up around 9. We tried to get a few things done when we went out shopping but we were both not in the mood and ended up coming home. We thought about going to a movie and looked up what was playing but couldn't agree on anyhing. Finally Keith agreed to see Four Christmas' as that was the only movie that remotely interested me at the moment. It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen but it also wasn't the greatest. Although it was nice to just get away and go to the theatre while munching on popcorn.

We got home and had a message from T. She wanted to come over and visit. I called her back and she still wanted to come visit. This of course got Keith and I in clean-up mode. Yah yah we let the house get out of hand again what else is new. Mostly it was from the x-mas boxes in the living room from putting up the tree and the kitchen which is it's usual normal disaster. We did a quick clean up and had a great visit. We even managed to watch the Survivor finale which was pretty late for both T and Keith as they have to get up super early tomorrow. I am lucky and am on flex tomorrow.

I'm not sure what I will do. As usual I have 'grand' plans and want to do a million things. Number one is new jeans. I did find a pair of cords today while out with Keith earlier. But clothes shopping with a man just isn't the same. Keith will probably get home tomorrow early afternoon so if I get my butt in gear and head to bed soon (it's 12:30 now) then I should have a few good hours to waste away on my own out shopping!

So with that hope I am off!

11:51 p.m. - 2008-12-14


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