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Okay so quick update!

Still sick! I didn't go to work yesterday but dragged myself in today for two reasons 1) it was our team party and 2) I'm already pushing being sick since my flex is on thin ice right now.

I was right to be worried about #2 above since my boss told me today that her manager is still considering if she'll allow my flex to continue. I am not pleased. I am now having to play by their rules which means that the 2 sick days I was off are not going to be 'sick days'. The first will be a flex day that I had banked and the second will be a 'vacation' day. Some vacation eh? But hey if it keeps them from suspending my flex then I will let it go for now. I will let it go but I won't forget mark my words. As it is I will have to set aside time tomorrow to sit down and document all the time I missed this year (and why) in case I have to have a teleconference with the bigwig. Oh I will not go down quietly trust me.

Um yah so besides that fun not much else is happening. I barely got any work done today so tomorrow will be busy busy.

I actually got a decent x-mas present this year from my secret santa. Actually it was way beyond decent. I got a handmade as in painted by my co-worker painting of a bunch of ducks one which is wearing a tiara and with the letter M around it's neck. Ohhh look for those who don't know my name now know my first initial is M! Heh.

I also got a x-mas rubber duck. Cool.

I made the mistake of going out about an hour ago to pick up some chocolates to go with the cards I'll be handing out at work tomorrow. The store was a freakin' zoo and the parking lot was just insane. Why can't people park in the lines when they go shopping? Seriously is it beyond them not to park crooked so people have to park way to close to them? I so wish I could write a nasty note and leave it for them.....but really who has time for that?

It may not seem like it but I am in a pretty good mood. I sound like crap though. My throat is killing and it's really weird not to have my regular voice. So many people keep asking me to repeat everything. Well here's to feeling better tomorrow!

9:28 p.m. - 2008-12-18


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