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Another Christmas all wrapped up... good. So forbidden. Why forbidden? Well when youíre all phlegmy and cough at night then normally itís a no-no, but after almost two weeks without it I broke down and had a glass, it was so good. Although ask me tomorrow morning how good it was....and if it was worth it!

Enough of that though! I canít believe Christmas is over and done with! *Poof* gone - just like that. All that prepping, planning, wrapping and itís gone. Ah well at least I was semi ahead of the game this year. I could have done without my cold though. Iím pretty sure I was well on my way to cold #2 right before x-mas. Keith and I went to my parents on the 23rd and surprised everyone like planned. I drove half way but was apparently driving like an 80 year old as Keith actually told me to pull over so we could switch (we always fight about who has to drive not who gets to). So I pulled over and he proceeded to drive like a speed racer which made me sound even more like the 80 year old driver I was. He did slow it down and we made it in one piece but by then cold #2 had gripped me big time I was totally stuffed up and had a wicked chest cough. The whole time at my parents my cold tried to keep me down but my mommy bought me drugs (from the pharmacy) and I could at least survive even if I felt like death most of the time.

Christmas was good. We celebrated on x-mas eve with my brother and sil as they had to leave early x-mas morning. Christmas day was the normal chaos of family, food and fun. My oldest nephew was sick (he was sick last year but apparently I was too so I guess itís tradition). The family was all gone by 9pm at which time I could have sworn it was well after midnight. I slept for the first time that night (albeit I had to blow my nose every time I rolled over).

We had decided to leave boxing day but not until late in the afternoon. We played many games of scrabble and then decided rather than leave we should stay one more night and keep on playing games. We did watch a movie that I suggested and it was only after I recommended it did Keith remind me about all the nudity and swearing. Letís just say watching a movie even with a little nudity is pretty uncomfortable when your dadís a minister and your mom doesnít swear...ever. But we got through it and Iím pretty sure my mom liked it (my dad fell asleep within 5 minutes).

We left Saturday afternoon in the pouring rain. Rain. Several times it came down so heavy I wasnít sure how Keith was able to see - yah he got to drive home since I was still feeling poorly.

We had a quiet night last night and I thought I would get a decent night sleep when we went to bed around 11 or so. Instead we started talking and then issues began to arise from the talking and the next thing you know it was 4am and we were finally going to sleep. Surprisingly this time it was Keith that was having the mini meltdown and having the insecurities that I thought were only had by me. We were up around 10am so Iím really hoping I will be able to sleep when I go to bed.

Iím not exactly looking forward to work tomorrow but sometimes getting back into the routine can be a good thing. Not sure yet if Iíll go to the gym. Right now I say yes but thatís after a day of doing very little, weíll see how I feel after working a full day tomorrow. Thank goodness itís only a 3 day work week, plus Wednesday I get to leave at 3pm. I took Friday off so a 4 day weekend will be sweet. Iím sure it will be spent getting our house back in order. The tree will probably have to go which always sucks.

Aíight I gotta wrap this up, fold some laundry and get my butt to bed. I was thinking about forgoing the sleepy cough-syrup tonight but seeing as how I had the milk earlier it would probably be wise to just take a dose and actually get a restful sleep. I changed the sheets tonight - flannel - I canít wait to slide into them. I even got my dolphin humidifier going. Hereís to a great nightís sleep!

10:52 p.m. - 2008-12-28


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