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Let them eat cookies!

Oh I'm a tired girl this morning, it's my own fault though. I started a 2 1/2 hour movie at 8:30 and paused it a few times to finish things like laundry and to make popcorn. I tried to start it earlier but the hubby would not co-operate and go to bed early like he was supposed to. I can't really blame him though cause he didn't get home till after 6pm and then who wants to go to bed within 2 hours of getting home? But he'll be one tired boy tonight. As will I...tired that is, not boy. Heh.

I finally watched the Sex and the City movie. It seems fitting that I waited so long to watch it since I didn't get into the series until it was over. The movie was actually quite good. I was pretty impressed with the wedding to Big and the performances - emotional and raw. But yah I really should have maybe watched it say Thursday night when I could sleep in the next morning.

I may try and sneak in a nap before going to C's tomorrow evening. I doubt it will happen but a girl can dream. Speaking of tomorrow night. I cannot believe that NYE's is almost upon us. It sneaked up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and yelled 'ta-da'. It's here? Already? Maybe being in a medicated daze/coma during x-mas helped with this. Speaking of which I have been med free for the last few days! I even went without cough syrup last night! I'm still pretty phleghmy in the mornings but meh what are ya gonna do?

I was going to write an end of the year synopsis so to speak but we'll see if that happens.

I have a wonderful lunch of chicken and salad. Same as dinner last night....and the night before. Ah the hubby and his wonderful idea of eating healthy! Ah well it can't hurt that's for sure. Just after I mentioned how well I did (due to being sick of course) not snacking over x-mas I have been a one woman snacking machine! Granted we have enough snack-y food around the house to feed an army.

Did I mention the cookies I baked? Yah the ones I spent precious energy on that I was going to give to certain relatives to go along with their gifts? In my drug induced stupor I totally forgot to give them away. Now I am sitting on 3 - 4 tins of cookies. I have started bringing them into work and thankfully people are eating them. But doi what an idiot!

9:00 p.m. - 2008-12-30


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