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Welcome to 2009...

Oh look my first entry of 2009! My 894th entry to be exact - yah I finally got around to looking to see how many entries I've written at good ol' d-land.

So let's start backwords shall we? NYE night I definitely didn't get the ol' hair straightened out in 20 minutes in fact I had to call in back up and get the hubby to help me with the back of the head - he actually does a pretty good job. He gets all professional and uses a comb and everything - kinda cute. We eventually picked up T at her place around 8:15 (only 45 minutes later than planned).

We got to C's and weren't the last to arrive. It was just a small gathering anyhow, I think there were about 10 of us. We ate, we drank and most everyone played the W-ii. I didn't. I was a little peeved I didn't get to play but I have no one to blame but myself - I have a voice I could have spoken up. After a while I convinced T to wander upstairs with me and watch the Dick Clark countdown thing. It was just after 11:30.

Everyone soon joined us and we all counted down to 2009. I asked C where the horn blowers and hats were - she didn't get any. This bothered me WAY more than not playing the W-ii. I don't think I've ever celebrated a new year without noise makers. I know this is bizzar but it's true. Even when I've celebrated with just one other person we've had horns or sparklers - something. It was definitely a low key celebration. We all sort of counted down and yelled out Happy New Year but nobody jumped up or even stood up and yelled it. There was no hugging or kissing although that may have been in defernce of our two single gals - T and another woman who is a widow. A few minutes later I did reach over and kiss my hubby.

Within the hour the place was cleared out - as predicted. Again as predicted C and her guy went to bed around 2 and only because we forced them to - they were trying to be good hosts and stay up with the 3 of us.

We had joked on the drive over that most of the parties we go to we are always the last to go to bed and normally raid our hosts' fridge at some point. Good times.

We did eventually go to bed sometime around 3. Keith and I slept in a double bed which was interesting to say the least. At some point in the night I was believing Keith's snores were words. Sleep deprived much? We were up way too early at 8am. We sat, had some coffee but before long hit the road and headed home.

We dropped T off and then came home to our disaster of a house. I wish I could say we were industrious and excited about a fresh start so we cleaned the house top to bottom. Quite the opposite. We added to the disaster and spent the whole day doing absolutely nothing productive. I even napped at one point but it wasn't a good nap since I woke up even more tired but forced myself to get up or else I wouldn't be able to sleep that night. Keith had to force himself to stay awake since he had to go to bed at 6pm to be up for 1am. We had a bit of a falling out before he went to bed pretty much due to our grumpiness.

I had grand plans for my Friday off. I was going to clean this house top to bottom AND make the hubby an amazing dinner to come home to. I even set my alarm and got up nice and early. I had a shower, had a small bite to eat and then started with the bathroom. Then the phone rang. It was Keith. He asked if I wanted to help him with his deliveries. He was around the corner in the bread truck and could pick me up in a few minutes. I really wanted to clean and surprise him but then I realized how stupid I was being. I was saying no to spending time with my hubby.

So I went. He told me I would help him cut time off by keying in stuff on the hand held but really I doubt I saved him much time at all. We both knew it was just to spend more time together. In fact I got to read my book ALL day without feeling guilty about not cleaning or doing anything. At every stop he would jump out and do his thing, I would check off our stop and then I would pick up my book and read. We had 40 stops. Way too many for one day. He even started at 3am. We had to cut 3 off as time just ran out. I got out every once in a while to help but mostly I stayed out of the way. I wore my sweater with his bread logo and I swear I didn't even put the two and two together. I just knew it was a warm sweater but I guess it looked good when I went into stores with him.

And now that brings us to today. Keith is working (poor guy had 2 hours to 'relax' before bed and even that was leaving him with less sleep - he needs a better job).

Anywho I am trying to find that cleaning frenzy I had going on yesterday. I think I will have a bite to eat, make myself a huge pot of coffee and then see where that leads me. Wish me luck!!!

10:18 a.m. - 2009-01-03


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