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Tobogganing anyone?

Woo! Now that's what I call a weekend! Sometimes I forget just how good a party weekend can be. Oh don't get me wrong at the beginning of the weekend I wanted nothing more than to climb into my pj's Friday night and not get out of them till Monday morning (ew...okay you know what I mean).

Friday I did indeed do a whole lot of nothing but Saturday morn I woke up and did a whole lot of cleaning. I removed Christmas. The tree was stripped and thrown out in the cold. Our living room seems 10 times bigger now.

As it turns out we weren't getting company till around 7 or 8 pm that night so we had lots of time to clean. Of course as time does it slipped away until we had very little left to get everything done. I headed out to run a few errands and made it back to find the house (mostly) in tip top shape and T and Keith chatting in the living room.

T and I had a couple coffees (with bailey's) and waited for S and our other friend A to arrive. They were supposed to leave T dot around 7pm. We got a phone call at 9 telling us they were just leaving there now. Gulp. We then got into more hard core drinks to pass the time. They did eventually arrive at 10:30. We had initially decided to go tobogganing at the huge hill near our place. Well after several drinks we did all decide that yes indeed we were still going tobogganing! At midnight we realized it was time so we got all bundled up and headed outside.

It had snowed for the last few hours. Our friend A wiped out at the end of our driveway which was pretty funny for us not so much for her. I managed to take the girls' the long way to the hill but we did eventually make it. We all totally forgot just how freakin' tiring it is to actually climp UP the hill! After that, hilarity ensued and we spent the next hour speeding down a very big hill, climbing very slowly back up it and laughing ourselves silly all the while getting snow in places that were supposed to be well protected!

We eventually left but decided to take the short way home which included climbing through a fence. As I recall we even stopped at the 24 hour gas station and took pictures of us 'fillin' up our toboggans...erm but I guess you had to be there. We were even sober at this point!

Good times indeed. We eventually made it home, had some awesome hot chocolate made by the hubby who wisely stayed home and eventually headed to bed around 3am. Yah getting up this morning wasn't all that fun (especially for Keith and A as the night owls stayed up until 5!)

T left to go home around 10 and the rest of us gals had an awesome breakfast (made by the hubs of course) and then eventually left to attend a friend's baby shower.

And now I am sitting here, my second load of laundry just finished in the washing machine and now I am debating doing a third. It has to be done but I really want to head to bed early. Oh the decisions.....

8:44 p.m. - 2009-01-11


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