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My state of mind today: much better

Well I obviously made it through yesterday. Oddly enough when the day was finally over I walked slowly to my car dreading going home. I've always said it's the fear of the unknown that bothers me the most so this was no exception.

I got home to an empty house. Of course. He eventually made it home around 6pm and he wasn't upset and seemed to think everything was fine. He got from my body language and tone that it wasn't. So we talked. And he finally understood what was wrong and how serious it was. He understood why I was upset. We are on the road to recovery but I know it will take time. I hate being ambiguous but it is what it is and we'll deal with it - together.

We had dinner - my first real meal of the day - all I had eaten was some oatmeal in the morning and a piece of cake from my co-worker's retirement and the cake was only because everybody kept asking if I had tried it. Keith realized the seriousness when I told him I hadn't eaten all day (we both know I love my food and never miss a meal).

We had dinner and watched a bit of tv then we went upstairs around 8 so he could go to bed. Normally I lay with him for a bit and we talk and then I leave him to sleep. Last night he made me get into bed with him (he knew I had slept poorly the night before) and before I knew it we were both fast asleep by 8:30. Wow.

I slept 12 hours. 12. That was crazy but great. The charlie horse I got around 7 or so wasn't so great. I did have a wicked crazy dream that of course I can't remember any details.

It's now noon and I am heading out of here in half an hour to go to my massage. I feel guilty cause I am seeing someone else. We'll see how good she is and apparently she already knows that I don't like talking during the massage (my co-worker who is her client told her). I'm not sure how I feel about that but we'll see how it goes.

To end this entry I will tell you about how I wore one of my favourite necklackes the other day. I am allergic to the pendant so I was smart and wore it over my sweater and was feeling pretty smart about it. It was only as I was scratching my neck the day after that I remembered I was actually allergic to the chain not the pendant! D'oy.

A'ight I have to get dressed and ready to go. I plan on leaving at 12:30 with plenty of time to find my way there (it's only a 10 minute drive but I hate not knowing where I am going).

I shaved my legs this morning so I'm hoping for a great calf massage to ease the sore leg!

11:50 a.m. - 2009-01-16


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