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Can you keep a secret? Whatever you do, do not tell my hubby he was right. Just don’t – it’s not pretty. Yesterday evening I got home from the gym (woo go me!) and yawned my way through the evening. I put Keith to bed at 9 and he tried his best to convince me to stay and go to bed too but I was adamant – adamant – that I was staying up a while longer. I got my way. Somehow I didn’t end up turning off my light (in the spare room of course) until almost midnight. What the hell is wrong with me? Seriously. I would have been better off getting 9 hours sleep dangit! Sigh.

Getting up was so not pretty. I stumbled to my alarm and hit the snooze. I was out solid for those 9 minutes. It went off again, I got up, stumbled over to the alarm turning it off this time and then went in search of my cell phone. I found it and set it for another 15 minutes. I woke up after 11 minutes and reset it for another 5. I was insane! I couldn’t stop. I mean eventually I did cause you know work pays me to show up. But man was it hard.

I walked outside to start my car this morning and it was balmy! I mean technically still cold but not the freeze the nose off your face cold. It was nice not to shiver my way into work on my walk from my car to the office. The ‘warm’ temps aren’t expected to last though, back to the deep freeze this weekend. I was going to say more hibernating but my nephew’s b-day is this weekend and it’s up in the air right now whether there is a party planned or not. I love my older brother and sil to death but they are the worst at planning. They usually end up grudgingly giving the rest of the family a date for birthday parties. I really do get that they are super busy with three kids but if they realistically expect family to be able to make it then we do need some advance notice!

Meh - that could be my cranky lack of sleep self speaking so I’ll shut up about it now.

The hubby and I might be going away on a little weekend getaway in a couple weekends. Just to the Falls. Nothing’s set in stone right now cause if he gets asked to work he will take the work. We plan to do the ‘change’ thing we do every so often. Roll up all the spare change and see how much of the trip it will pay for. It’s normally a couple hundred dollars so we’ll see. We’ll be going before the Valentine’s rush (and before the price gouging starts) so hopefully we can get a decent place with a large Jacuzzi tub and a decent bed for a good price. We used to go for the package deals but when you work it out it’s really not a deal at all. Plus the restaurants that you have a 'coupon' for is usually so over priced you resent eating there. We’ve been to the Falls enough times to have our favourite haunts now anyway. I pretty much enjoy going any time of the year. During the off season it is just so nice to not have hundreds of people around you, granted a lot of stuff is closed but it is what it is.

A'ight I wrote all the above this morning and rather than sending this to my email account to finish later I'll just post now and 'ta da' an entry!

1:40 p.m. - 2009-01-22


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