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Hibernation and alcohol do mix!

Ho-hum another weekend is coming to an end...a big ol' boo to that! I still say work days should be 2 and weekends 5....who's with me?!

As weekends go it was pretty fine. I got home from the gym on Friday night, slid into my comfy pj's and just let the work week slide away. The hubby fed us homemade quesadillas and we just vegged. He headed to bed around 10 and I went a few hours later.

Saturday was eased in to gently with a sleep in and then it just got better from there. The hubby and I did leave the house for a few hours to pick up a few things. We decided to give T a surprise visit. We hung out for about an hour and then headed off home. Since we had a late lunch out (a very bad but oh so tasty lunch) for dinner we had chips and dip - being a grown up is so much fun! We also had a few drinks - again great grown up fun! By the time bedtime arrived I was feeling fiiiine.

This morning I kidded the hubby about wanting a big ol' country style breakfast and he went ahead and cooked it all up and served it to me....and none for himself since he's not a breakfast guy. He's awesome like that. I spent the rest of the morning sprawled on our upstairs sofa just revelling in Sunday morning. Bliss.

I had to burst the cocoon and go out for a few hours this afternoon. My winter boots bit the dust on Friday. My favourite pair. Do you know how hard it is to find a pair of winter boots this time of the year? Im-poss-ible. They are nowhere to be found! Oh stores have tons of sales trying to get rid of the last of their stock. The last of their stock SUCKS! And the few good pairs out there are size 5! Grrr. I did eventually find a pair (last place I went - big W-mart). Although even if I had went there first I would have rejected them as I would have 'thought' I could do better!

All was not lost of course cause while I was out shopping I bought a pair of slippers, popcorn....oh and of course rainboots! Yah I don't know where the rainboots fit in but they were regulary $70 and I got them for $15. I've always wanted a pair and I figured this was the perfect time!

So now the dinner dishes are done, my lunch is made (leftovers), my second load of laundry is finishing up and the hubby is in bed. It's just me and the laptop. Soon I will finish this entry, turn off the laptop and tv and head to bed!

This week I am at reception at work. I have no idea what I'm gonna do to pass the days...besides deal with clients of course!

Oh and the nephew's birthday - an email was sent out saying the party was next Sunday at 1, which even though would crush our plans a little was still doable. Another email was sent out today re-scheduling - the new date is on Saturday. Hrm. That really crushes our plans. Not sure what we're going to do yet. We want to go away this weekend as we're both off Friday and Keith won't have time off for a while. Gonna have to do some thinking about this!

A'ight I am outta here!

9:23 p.m. - 2009-01-25


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