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Rockin' the Hump Day!

Okay seriously, this morning is zooming by! I am quite happy about this but every time I think of starting an entry I get side trackedÖby work. I started an entry yesterday too but that never made it online.

My mind is swimming right now. What do I write about first? Okay letís start with the snow that is coming down! I think weíre expected to get about 15 cm so whatev. Not sure quite where it will all go but somehow these things have a way of working themselves out. The traffic and weather were bad when I left for work. Did I leave early? Heck no, I left a bit later! I donít know how it happened either. Well I do kind of, the hubby makes me breakfast in the mornings rather than me eating my instant oatmeal at work Ė thatís 10 minutes right there. Ten extra minutes that I donít account for. Although he does go out and start my car and brush it off so really that ten minutes should cancel itself out? Meh Ė itís a mystery to me Ė one I donít have the inclination to figure out.

I was pretty zen on my way into work. We crawled most of the way and I didnít even get too annoyed. I knew I would be at work in plenty of time to open reception so really whatís to worry about? Certainly not walking through the snow in my brand new snow boots! And Iím not talking about the crappy W-mart ones either!

Those boots were killing my feet. The heel was just too much to keep me unsteady on my feet and really the comfort level was extremely low. I went out on my lunch hour yesterday and went into a store that is normally out of my league cause their prices are High. But they had a clearance sale so I figured it was worth checking out. I found one decent pair that was about $80 but they didnít have them in my size, the second pair I tried on were okay but I wasnít in love with them and they were $119 (these are sale prices by the way). The third pair I found were just right! Theyíre a funky metallic maroon and black. They fit just right AND were the right price. $70 Ė not cheap mind you but these boots are extremely well made and I know they wonít fall apart in one season! Thankfully I had the foresight to spray them last night so I could wear them today without any worries. It was such a relief walking from the parking lot without fear of falling on the ice or without any discomfort. Bliss!

Erm, letís see what else? Iím still grappling with this weekend even though itís pretty much a done deal. Keith and I are heading to the Falls for a night away Ė leaving Friday morning (we just booked our Jacuzzi suite overlooking the Falls!) and then after lunch on Saturday weíll leave to head to my brother and silís for our oldest nephewís birthday. Shew, say that ten times fast! I mean itís gonna be a lot of driving but as long as the weather is okay and we donít have any unforeseen obstacles. Family, what are you gonna do eh?

Letís see what else? Ah yes my email from C this morning. It was a doozy. She is all kid oriented. Not sure how much Iíve talked about it but her and her hubby have been trying to have a baby for over a year with no luck. Theyíve had treatments and tests galore. Now they are looking at an egg donor which okay whatev. But she was filling T and myself in on the whole deal but then she goes into this big long sidebar dedicated to just me. She basically is telling me that I have to talk to Keith and decide pronto whether we seriously want a child cause she would hate to see me going through what she's going through right now. Sheís turning 40 in a couple of days.

I havenít responded to her email yet cause Iím not exactly sure how to. I mean I know she has my best interest at heart and isnít saying this to be hurtful. And truthfully she hasnít said anything hurtful. I donít know. I mean if Iím not 100% sure I want kids then I really donít want to bring them into this world - thatís my take on it. Sure the financial cost is definitely a consideration but itís not governing how we feel about it. And I do know there will never be a Ďrightí time to have kids. Nothing is certain in life. And yah maybe mother nature is playing a huge trick on me and if we do decide to go ahead and try to pro-create maybe it will turn out we canít. You just never know. I kind of wish I did have more of a feel for whether I want kids or not. I mean I love babiesÖLOVE them. I think they are the cutest little things and I when I am with them they are like a magnet to me, I canít resist playing with them and holding them. Thatís the easy part. The hard part comes when they start to grow and you have so many decisions to make and the world is a pretty harsh place these days. It was always a foregone conclusion when I was growing up that I was going to have kids. This changed only a couple years ago. Iím not sure how or whyÖ..I kind of wish I did know why.

Okay wow that was pretty heavy. Heavier than I thought I would get. For a lighter change of subject Iím heading to the gym after work. I went on Monday night and a trainer saw me struggling with a machine and took the time to go through the machines with me and write down the settings and weights on a card for me so I can access it whenever I go in. He was super nice and I thought for sure I wouldnít feel any pain the next day but boy was I wrong! Yesterday I was super sore, the wonderful ache of lifting weights!

Iím getting the gym pattern down (okay only week twoÖso I shouldnít be patting myself on the back just yet) but the whole portion control thing? Oy vey. That man of mine makes the best food and he makes it in huge quantities! This means that when it comes time to put my fork down a little voice whispers......"but it's soooo good, you should have tastes way better now then it will when you re-heat it". True story. Yesterday I swear I ate like a line backer getting ready to go into training. Thankfully I have toned down today and have just finished lunch. I'm satisfied...not full....satisfied.

Looking outside at the snow coming down even harder has me almost second guessing whether I should go to the gym after work but actually it would be dumb not to. Traffic is going to be hell on the way home - especially since the route I take home is a 'detour' for nearby construction so I know it will be insane. So I'll just walk the two blocks to my gym - in my super sturdy boots - and have me a grand ol' workout and then drive home relatively stress free (fingers crossed!).

1:26 p.m. - 2009-01-28


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