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A mid week update

Well it's hump day. I have been working on this entry since Monday! Today I shall post even if I'm in mid sentence!

Well my weekend was mucho gratifying. Although I admit I did have to remind myself to 'stay in the moment'. See, one of my worst flaws is not living in the moment. I over think things or I do the shoulda, coulda, woulda game in which I debate over a choice I made and what would have happened if I made a different one. I can sabatoge myself or a weekend with this way of thinking. I also had to get off my high horse and quit being bitter about having our weekend cut short by going to my nephew's birthday. Yes it sucks that our wknd away wasn't as long as I would have liked and yes it was frustrating that my bro and sil kept switching up the date BUT it was MY decision to attend my nephew's birthday. Nobody was making us go we were choosing to. I can be my own worst enemy I know.

So yah our suite in the falls was nice, we had a decent view of the Falls (we could have had better for $20 extra but we've seen the Falls plenty o'times and could spend the money on way more frivilous things (which we did!).

We had dinner at 'our' place in the Falls, then we headed back to our room and had a lovely evening splashing around in our jacuzzi tub and drinking wine. Of course we were out cold by 11pm which is just kind of sad but meh we're old! We had a morning swim with barely anyone else around and then went for our complimentary breakfast before checking out (did I mention we were up by 8am?).

After that we found us some cheap parking (we had to drive around for a while to find it) and then played some mini-putt (I won!) and then went into the arcade where we got sucked in playing the games (instead of casinos we play games at the arcade - oh and not the shoot up ones - the kiddie ones!). We eventually left, found our car and then drove around looking for somewhere to eat lunch. After a bite to eat, we hit a tim's and then hit the highway to head to my nephew's birthday party. Along the way we found out my younger bro and sil weren't able to make it. My mom called us just as we pulled into the driveway, we arrived just in time for dinner! A fun time was had and Keith and I ended up staying later than everyone else, just shooting the breeze. We drove to my parents and the drive there was a nightmare as it was all country roads and it had been snowing all evening so the roads were bad. Talk about white knuckling it!

We managed to fit in one game of scrabble before bed and I was a poor loser cause I was peeved Keith went out on a 7 letter word and left me with tons of points. It didn't help that I was winning up till then! Yah I can be a poor sport sometimes. It's one of the things that makes the 'best sport' trophy I won when I was younger so funny.

So that was my (early) V-day weekend. I forgot to mention that upon our arrival at the hotel Keith whipped out a few goodies that he had snuck in our bag - a cute monkey teddy bear, some awesome chocolates and another item that is only for grown ups. For the real V day I know he plans on making me dinner (normally a ton of seafood dishes cause he knows how much I love it). He's a keeper I tell ya.

The rest of this week is gonna be busy. Tonight after the gym I plan on going to the party store to buy some decorations for C's birthday. Then Thursday after belly dance class I have to start putting her 'Naughty and Nice' gift basket together (that was my idea). I have to actually go to a 'naughty' store at lunch to see if there's anything good - I don't think I've been in this one since you know it's right across the street from work! Then on Friday C, T and I are getting together at T's place to celebrate. I think we're gonna drink, eat, maybe watch some chick flicks nothing too crazy since C has told us she doesn't want to celebrate her birthday. But we know she does so we have to do 'something'. I'm rolling my eyes right now. I was all for not celebrating and just going out to dinner and doing nothing but T says we have to. I hate when people play coy about this stuff.

Anywho I almost forgot to mention the beginning of the week drama that happened. I had emailed T to ask about C's party and ask about her weekend etc. She then told me the guy she was seeing sent her a "Dear John" letter on Friday evening and she didn't check her email till Saturday afternoon after trying to get hold of him all that time. They had just decided to go exclusive that week so the guy got spooked. He's a jerk and we hate him btw. But T has rebounded and then some. She has three dates booked for this week alone!

A'ight I am posting this more excu....

12:26 p.m. - 2009-02-04


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