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You donít know how many times Iíve started a freakiní entry only to abandon it or by the time I think to post it, itís so out of date! Not that thereís anything that exciting happening in my life.

Itís a gorgeous sunny day outside. We were called into a meeting pretty much first thing this morning and told that our current boss is leaving earlier than anticipated as in next month. It was a domino effect that is causing our old boss to return sooner than the anticipated time frame of August. To say we were devastated would be putting it mildly. We all sort of sat there shell shocked. A few gals even cried. I held a stiff upper lip but if I had my way I would have wailed like a baby. Itís been no secret that the OB and I do not get along anymore. Things around here have been so much better and not just for myself. Itís truly been a breath of fresh air. I even emailed our assistant director (her boss) to send her my two cents. I didnít say anything too negative about OB but I made sure that she knew that NB was a huge asset and gave her a few examples of how sheís changed things for the better. I know it wonít make any difference but I felt better for getting my feelings out there in the universe.

So my weekend. It was okay. Just okay. Itís sad to say but I realized that I need the structure of a work day to be productive, otherwise I just turn into a huge slug. Seriously. The hubby and I feed off each other in some sick slug way and we are just two of the laziest humans on the planet. Seperate? Weíre still lazy but amazingly we get things done. I know, it boggles the mind! Plus my pvr is so backed up with shows that I want to watch because I have no time! When Iím home we watch shows we both like, while Iím at work he watches his shows (heís off for a few weeks). He may be working a few days at the end of the week, sad to say but Iím kind of crossing my fingers he gets booked for Friday so I can just have a Ďmeí day. I know when heís back to his insane schedule Iíll miss him.

Friday T and I celebrated Cís 40th birthday. I think C was pretty surprised by all the decorations and the big basket of gifts we gave her. It was a Naughty and Nice gift basket (my idea thank you very much). She loved it. Her hubby made a HUGE mistake when he gave her her birthday card Ė it was a card that said something along the lines of to a special wife and mother.....those following know sheís going through hell trying to have children. I have no idea where his head was...but wow talk about making a huge mistake. I never did get a satisfying answer as to what his excuse was. But itís not my life so Iím letting it go.

Saturday the hub and I did a whole lot of nothing which included not leaving the house on the nicest day of the year so far. I know Ė weíre idiots! We did play a game which we havenít done in forever Ė it was a monopoly type game Ė but it was drinking instead Ė very fun and I lost big time. My Ďmistakeí so it seems was when I got the first monopoly was not putting houses (or in this case ice cubes) immediately on it AND trading properties with Keith so we both had a monopoly (my second). But yah it was fun. We then proceeded to order a pizza online and it was a huge cluster f*ck. Suffice to say we paid way too much for really tasteless pizzas! Not a happy camper and we shall not be ordering any pizza from that chain again!

Sunday we actually left the house to do some grocery shopping and a bit of shopping. I wanted a pair of shoes to go with a couple of skirts I would like to wear to work (skirts? I know! Crazy!). Keith even picked out the pair of shoes (that was my evil plan so he couldnít complain that I was buying more shoes Ė and it worked!). Granted the shoes were only $14 on sale they were still exactly what I wanted. Then while standing in line he saw a cute pair of socks that he knew I would like and encouraged me to buy them! Awesome! I also bought a very expensive pair of tights from W-mart. Tights because itís turning warm out now....way to jump on the bandwagon as itís heading out of town eh?

Last night we must have still been in game mode so we pulled out the scrabble game and played a couple games. I won both times! Although we played the Ďrealí way Ė not being able to look up spelling of words beforehand which made it a lot tougher! I did get away with one 7 letter word that turned out not to be a real word! We checked afterwards. Although on the second game the first word I put down was a 7 letter one (and it was a real one!). No pouting last night!

A'ight that's about it for now...hopefully I will actually manage to post this here!

9:10 p.m. - 2009-02-09


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