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Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now

Time for a little TMI. When you go from eating packaged oatmeal in the mornings with 3 grams of fibre per serving and then switch to an ultra bran cereal with 11 grams of fibre per prepared for the consequences Ė especially if the first day you accidentally eat a 1.5 serving. Yah.

Itís rainy and drizzly today Ė the kind of day yesterday was supposed to be with the news we received. Darn weather not co-operating with my moods!

The hubby is supposed to work Thur Ė Sat this week Ė I am anticipating some much needed me time! Especially on Friday when Iím off. I was considering getting a massage but itís been less than a month since my last one Ė it seems a little gratuitous. Although according to my records for 2008 I had $192 left at the end of the year for massage/chiro. That would have meant either 5 half hour massages or 3 one hour ones. And it looks like I only had 4 massages last year which doesnít seem right as I thought I had more? Maybe I just wanted to have more.

Iím eating my salad right now (itís only part of my lunch) and itís....soggy. I hate soggy salad. It was left over from last nightís dinner...but still. I guess that just means I will enjoy my sandwich even more!
I desperately wanted to go to bed at a decent hour last night but somehow managed to still be awake when midnight arrived.

Do you know what I suck at? Collecting money. I have been trying to write an email for two days telling T how much she owes me for Cís gifts. I just have such a hard time saying, ďyou owe me moneyĒ. I know part of the reason this time is because since she was the one who hosted it she bought the appetizers and wine and I feel guilty. I guess I can offer to cover half of that but itís been an unwritten rule that the person hosting is the one who absorbs the cost. Feh whatever. I know T will pay me but I also know sheís saving like crazy to buy a house in a year (and I donít mean a little down payment she will have saved quite a bit cause sheís shrewd like that). Why I do this to myself I do not know.

Have I mentioned how forward Iím looking to my long weekend ( 4 days baby!)? Tonight is down time with the hubby then tomorrow itís dinner and movie with some girls from work. Thursday night I will be shaking my hips and then it will be the much anticipated weekend. I have decided that I will have to be strict with myself and make sure Iím not a sloth for the whole 4 days I am off. I MUST be productive at home. Our furnace/storage room is crazy unorganized. And I donít mean unorganized as in Ďoh everything is on the wrong shelfí. No no I am talking about, Ďholy crap I canít get in the room because the floor is covered in boxes and crapí. Yah that kind of unorganized. It was on my list of things for Keith to clean...but he hasnít. And I havenít pushed it because honestly I know that if he does I will never be able to find my stuff again. He will put it away which basically means, hide the stuff in boxes never to be found again. I really have to de-clutter my life. I have to do a lot of things actually...but for right now I am going to post this entry and go eat my delicious sandwich...I gave up on the salad Ė I made it 3 quarters of the way through and that was enough for me!

12:04 p.m. - 2009-02-10


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