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I'm really not as cranky as I may seem

I think my father tried to give me a heart attack last night. I got home from the gym last night around 6:30 and had a message on the machine that they called. I called them back and was told that my grandma had went to the hospital because she had an Ďepisodeí. We think it may have been a mini stroke. Basically she sat in the ER (after being taken by ambulance) for several hours and then left without seeing a doctor cause by then she remembered her name and what day it was etc (something she didnít when they brought her there). The nurse told my dad the doctor would ask her a few questions and if she answered them ok he would more than likely just send her home. By then it was quite late so they left. Health Care...gotta love it!!!! What a joke.

Anyway after that call I received another a few hours later from my dad. He asked me to call my two brothers...... and find out when they were available to come down for my momís birthday! Now obviously my mind was elsewhere and I was expecting the worse from that call. He had been on their cell (they rarely use their cell) and was rushing so my mom wouldnít hear him or whatever. Itís funny now but at the time Ė heart stopper!

So Keith didnít get home last night till 9pm. He left at 4am. A 17 hour day Ė brutal. Itís even more brutal because he only charges one rate so it doesnít matter if he works 8 hours or 18 he gets paid the same for the day. This is part of the reason we need to find him a new job. Too bad the economy sucks out loud right now.

I almost didnít work out last night. I got to the gym and then was having some tummy Ďproblemsí. I think fibre is going to kill me one of these days. I guess it likes it consistently or not at all Ė sporadic is not the way to go!

Iím at a loss with my hair. Itís at a really awkward stage. Since my hair has natural wave and curl if I wear it down it has to have product in it to keep it from just being a big poof ball, but even if I do manage to tame it, it is so long now that it can still look like crap when I have it down. I can also now just pull it back into a ponytail Ė normally I lose a few pieces but overall it doesnít look too bad. But really I donít want to wear it in a ponytail I? The thing is I kind of do. I like having it back. But back is safe. Back is well....going back to my old look. Iím thinking I may ride the longer hair out till like April or May when the weather starts to warm up and then just chop it all off nice and drastic. I think the trick will be Ďstylingí it in the mornings while itís still mostly wet. Weíll see how long this plan of action stays in effect!

I can't remember if I mentioned my V-day? I know I talked about going out but I should probably mention what happened 'for the record' - this memory of mine is sketchy at best! I had a really bad night's sleep on Friday night - we're talking up till almost 4am tossing and turning. I got up at 10 to put out my little gifts for Keith and around 11:30 decided I needed a nap cause I felt like crap. Just as I layed down in walked Keith! He handed me two packages. One was a single red rose and the other was a beautiful plant - hyacinth? It's purple and gorgeous. Apparently if I keep it alive long enough we will plant it outside in spring. I didn't make any promises. I have a black thumb. I totally didn't expect anything from him since we had our NF weekend a few weeks ago and he spoiled me then with chocolates and a monkey with a heart's tale. Heh. Yah so that was pretty cool of him.

I'm in the middle of an email frenzy, non-work related of course. Just trying to figure things out for my mom's b-day weekend. My younger bro and sil can't make it so I was going to suggest a road trip for the weekend after to K-town to visit them (it's her birthday weekend!). So far the plans are stalled as nobody has emailed me back (Keith or sil) so who knows. It's so lame to keep hitting the refresh button on my email...but that's what I keep doing. Work is so damn slow right now it's all I can do to stay awake!

I am so going to get 9 hours of sleep tonight. Screw 8 hours, I need 9 now! Last night I was tired but the last thought on my mind was my grandma and her situation so my mind would not let it rest and I could not drift off as tired as I was. Keith after working 17 hours was out like a log and also began to saw them in his sleep so I eventually moved to the other bed.

I'm not loving our bank right now. Do you know how frustrating it is to have your balance show zero dollars when there's more than a couple thousand in it? I mean really how long do you have to hold those stupid cheques? If they bounce charge us dangit but give us our money! We're probably going to get dinged a few times as our mortgage came out as well as we paid a few pressing bills before we realized that our account was being held hostage.

Well my lunch is just about over so I have to go back to being bored BUT somehow looking like I'm not - it's a skill I'm not going to lie.

12:47 p.m. - 2009-02-18


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