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I need a Money Tree....

I am dreading leaving the house in 45's bitterly cold out. I'm sitting here in my flannel pj's covered in a comfy blanket. The thought of getting changed into workout clothes and grabbing my belly dancing gear doesn't have me jumping for joy!

But I will go. A) Because I love belly dancing and goofing around with the girls and B) there is crap on tv these days! I actually turned off the tv last night before 10 and went upstairs to bed. I did read for about an hour (a book that has yet to captivate me - it's trying but I think the author is trying too hard if you know what I mean). So yah I read for an hour and then headed to sleep. I got just shy of 8 hours so I guess I'll consider that a success.

What does it mean when your co-worker tells you in her bad english that you look 'pretty now' with your hair up. Does that mean I don't look 'pretty' with my hair down? I believe it does, I believe it does.

Remember how I was worried about the big bad bank not releasing our money on time for the bills to be paid? My fears were not unfounded. Our mortgage payment bounced. Boing! I make light now but I was upset. I immediately got on the phone to my bank and managed to get them to release enough so that when the mortgage company tries again tomorrow the money will be there. I am praying that there will be no other bills that will try and come out beforehand. We're already getting dinged $50 for this. The girl talked me into getting over draft protection (something I thought I'd never need) but with Keith being self employed and not getting regular pay cheques this is our reality. They will hold all his cheques for a minimum of 5 business days. The holiday on Monday screwed us big time. Our money won't be released till Saturday morning. This is my not impressed face (okay well you'll have to just imagine my pale little face all scowly).

I think I am going to forego any fibre filled cereal tomorrow morning.

T called me earlier at work to try and get me to ditch belly dancing to go out with her. I declined. But we did make maybe plans for Saturday afternoon. Did I mention she's seeing the guy who ditched her via email again? Yah I don't know what's up with her. That whole 'I never go back' speech she gave him seems pretty damn hollow right now. She is also seeing another guy so I guess that's her way of 'protecting' herself right now. Ah well it's not my life and as her friend all I can do is try and offer advice when requested and hold her hand and drink wine with her when she needs it.

Well I should wrap this up and start to get ready. I am having second thoughts if I will be able to tummy is being a tad unsportive at the moment!

5:55 p.m. - 2009-02-19


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