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Temper tantrums are under rated

It seems itís my week to have those heart stopping moments. I pulled into the driveway last night after belly dancing at 9pm and noticed the absence of the hubbyís car. I spoke to him around 5:30 and he said he would most likely be home in 2 hours Ė 7:30. The man had been up since 4am. I didnít even kick off my boots or shuck my coat when I got through the door, I picked up my phone and called him. He was about half an hour away still. The poor guy was dead on his feet in fact he looked as close to a breakdown as Iíve ever seen him. I mean I canít say I blame him, he spent the last 17 plus hours on his feet, out in the freezing cold delivering bread to a town heís never been to with directions from the route owner that were totally off base. The topper came when he tried to print the end of day report and the next day reports on the decrepit and obsolete printer and it wouldnít work. It kept beeping at him and I swear I thought he was going to lose it. He didnít but I know if it had been me I would have been sobbing on the floor like a baby.....after I had thrown the printer against a wall. what else? I tweaked my back last night while belly dancing. I got a little carried away and just boom-bahed a little too hard and I felt this *snap*. Luckily all I had to do was rest and take it easy last night cause this morning my back is 99% better. Itís still a little tender but itís feeling a lot better.

I donít know what I was thinking but I keep a cache of shoes stored under my desk mostly sneakers for the dress down days etc. Well I guess during the nicer days last week I thought it would be a good idea to take home my shoes since I obviously wouldnít be wearing my boots to work much anymore...bwahahahahaha!

Well this entry is gonna be on the small side today cause I've run out of stuff to say and work is calling me.

And just a follow-up on my previous tmi fibre entries....backing off on the fibre was a very smart move on my part. Very.

12:41 p.m. - 2009-02-20


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