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You give me fever when you hold me tight...

Written this morning (of course):

Man I have a wicked headache, coincidentally it sprang up when I went on phones for an hour earlier this morning. We have some really testy people calling in and they can get the better of me most days. I think I should really hook myself up to a blood pressure machine sometime while Iím answering phones. Iím guessing the number wouldnít be good. Although I did have one ranter today who wasnít making much sense so I could tell right away he was a loon, but I was happy for the distraction and didnít want to take anymore calls so I listened to him go on for a while and then finally when I got his id# and saw the warning note on his file about no phone calls he knew the jig was up and began to swear like a natural born sailor at me. Of course I got to disconnect the call without further ado so it was all good.

My weekend could have been better. Yah it could have been a lot better. On the plus side I did a lot of relaxing. Keith was sick as a dog the whole weekend. He came home Friday night around 8pm, started his end of day work Ė asked me to do the rest and went straight to bed. He looked bad. He was shaking and couldnít keep food down. He slept fitfully but had to get up to go to work at 4am. I got up and offered to go with him cause thatís the kind of awesome sleep deprived wife I am. He said no for me to stay home and rest so I went back to bed (worried but thankful).

He got home around 3 or so on Saturday (only 11 hours!) and he looked even worse. He still wasnít keeping food down, still had the shakes and now was running a fever! He did have his ups and downs all weekend which kept things interesting. We kept any eye on his temp but it never hit any danger zones. Heís lucky in that he knows his body and can pinpoint when something is wrong. This morning when I spoke to him he seemed to be doing a lot better. He actually slept through the night (he didnít do that Saturday) and was no longer running a fever.

He was smart enough to cancel his route coverage this week. This is his first time cancelling on someone and luckily the guy hadnít gone away or had plans etc or else things just would have been bad. Iím sure the guy wasnít impressed but what are you going to do?

So yah that was my weekend Ė playing nursemaid. Luckily (for me) it was a crappy weekend weather wise. It was back to freezing temps and we had blizzard type weather Saturday afternoon onward.

The hubby slept in the spare room last night so I had a pretty good night sleep.


Erm yah so not much else is going on. Monday's just about over and I only have 3 days of my work week left. This weekend I'm heading to my parents for my mom's birthday. My dad is so cute he still keeps trying to surprise my mom. He doesn't plan elaborate parties or anything he just doesn't tell her that we're all coming and then we all start showing up and I'm pretty sure she figures it out.

Well I think I shall end this and head to bed, I am one tired I get the bed to myself tonight - again! What? Don't look at me like that....he's all coughy and phlegmy and stuff! G'nite!

10:26 p.m. - 2009-02-23


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