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I do NOT know what was up with yesterday but man was I feeling BAD. I could not shake my head ache and as the day progressed I just felt worse and worse. By the end of the day I felt so drained as if all the energy had left my body. I was glad that I hadnít packed my gym bag yesterday and was just happy to head straight home. I ended up passing out for almost an hour and felt 90% better. I didnít have the swim head anymore. I was still kind of lethargic so going out to buy my silís gift was out of the question, I was in for the night.

Of course that didnít stop the hubby from plugging in the Wii and making me play a few games with him. It has this fitness thing where it Ďassessesí you and tells you how old you are by the way you play their games. Letís just say Iím ooooold. For the life of me I cannot hit that damn ball in baseball! Ah well.

So todayís my Friday Ė two short weeks in a row....itís awesome. Of course the next two weeks will seem long but letís not think about that!

Iím supposed to go swimming with T tonight for the first time in ages. Our next session of belly dance doesnít start until next week. Iím torn because I want to meet my goal of going to the gym 3x a week but if I donít go tonight then I wonít (I canít the rest of the week). So Iím doing both. I brought my gym bag and Iíll do weights and some quick cardio, home for 6, heat up some leftovers, then off to swim with T. I imagine the hubby wonít be too thrilled with all this but Iím on a roll right now with the gym and I donít want to go off track with this. The pants I wore yesterday? They actually stayed okay all day, I thought they would start to feel tight after lunch or as the day wore on or whatever since they felt a bit snug in the morning but they were fine all day. Itís little things like this that keep me motivated.

I am already partially packed for our weekend. I did two loads of laundry last night and will get Keith to do a load for himself tonight. The mall opens at 9:30 tomorrow so Iím hoping we can hit it by 10 on our way out of town (which means getting up at least 9, packing the car and heading out without dawdling!). Weíll see if this happens. Even if weíre on the road by 11am we would be getting to my broís by 4pm and thatís with hitting traffic so hopefully weíll miss most of it by then.

Keith worked his magic on our car and said it should be okay. Iíll trust him but I am secretly glad we have our caa card!

Did I mention that I ruined the tint on the driverís side window in my car? It started out with that tiny piece I ripped off (mistakingly thinking it was a little piece of plastic stuck in the window Ė it obviously wasnít trimmed very well). Well since then I have rolled down the window a few times and each time the little rip has gotten bigger and bigger. The tint is still on but I have to smooth it down and there are visible lines where itís ripped and basically looks like crap. Looks like Iíll be making a few calls soon to find out how much dinero this is going to cost me! Cause I will not drive around all summer letting my car look like that!

I stopped for my morning coffee today (got out of the car so as not to harm the tint!). I used my free donut tab (replaced it for a muffin). Last year I hoarded my winning tabs....and let them expire! This year I will use them as I win them! Live and learn!


Well that was written this morning at work and my day just got crazier and crazier. By the end of the day I think we (including my manager) had all cracked as we were all acting pretty damn silly and most of it was about me so it was quite funny. Needless to say I got no work done the last hour or so of work. I have to go and see if I can access my voicemail from home to update it to say I'm out of the office tomorrow. I'm on a contact list this week and I can see people not reading their email and me having a ton of messages!

Erm I think that's all. Now I must go rinse this 'special' shampoo *wink wink* from my hair. I do believe it may just get rid of my one or two grey hairs!

Oh and I did hit the gym AND go swimming today...I rock! It reminds of old times when I was losing weight and feeling great!

10:33 p.m. - 2009-03-05


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