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Lost: One hour of sleep. If found: Big Reward!

My head is buzzing right now and Iím pretty sure itís due to the two ultra Tylenol Iíve taken combined with my morning coffee. Ugh. This time change is kicking my butt. I do not do well losing an hour of my day.

Have you ever had dreams that were like stories with plots and everything yet you knew nobody in them? Itís like your sub conscious is writing a novel or something and it even points out particular key points ie you are on a path and the only way out is by this SMALL BERRY BUSH. That is the ONLY way out. It screams out these things to you. Itís not as interesting as it might seem trust me. In fact itís pretty damn annoying. If Iím going to dream let me dream of people I know!

So my weekend was pretty darn good. Keith and I got away a little later than planned but arrived at the time we said we would so that was cool. I bought my sil a gift cert. for her favourite store and also found 2 tops for myself while I was in said store (under $20 for two tops!). We played a lot of Wii the whole weekend and all of us suffered for it. Oh and I also was on a winning streak this weekend! I won most of the Wii dart games and a lot of the Wii bowling games AND then went we went Ďrealí bowling (more injuries) I won both games! I was called a few choice names by the non-winners but I was able to handle it!

We got home around 10 last night, a little later than planned but we just werenít in the mood to leave. My sil and I went swimming and then bra shopping while the boys stayed home and fixed a computer. Speaking of bras, I am wearing one of the new one and the verdict is still out. Itís not uncomfortable but it feels different than my old one and really pushes the girls up! And it actually fits. And? Itís pretty sexy if I do say so myself. Sexy bras and big boobs donít really go together in my world. Iím more of a function over fashion kind of gal. But this one? Yah itís rockiní. Iím wearing the black one but I also bought a stripy colorful one. Stripy! I told Keith Iíll wear it under a white tank top for all the world to see cause Iím white trash like that. Okay not really. Oh! And! The straps are thin. Thin straps! Itís a crazy new world for me if you canít tell.

Um so in non-bra news the hubby and I spent more than planned this weekend. Well the bras were unplanned but those were definitely needed. We also went shopping at Costco. That place is dangerous! We bought a100 bucks worth of stuff which I guess all in all isnít too bad but still. I bought a really cool camping chair that Iíve been coveting since last summer. It looks like a directorís chair and is really comfy. I want to get my name attached to the back of it somehow. That would be so cool. We also bought some Wii accessories (we pay next to nothing for the game system but itís all those darn accessories that cost an arm and a leg). Jeez I canít even remember what else we bought! Odds and ends I guess, oh I do remember a lifetime supply of Bounce sheets! Seriously this box was huge! Go big or go home I guess.

Well itís back to real life today. Back to the gym. I blurrily packed my gym bag this morning so letís hope I didnít forget anything. I didnít have as much luck with my lunch so it looks like Iíll have to go buy something. I think Iíll pick a pita. I had a lot of not so good for me food this weekend so I better get some good stuff in me stat!

And with that I think I shall go buy my lunch and then post this here entry!

1:24 p.m. - 2009-03-09


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