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I may lose a boob by the end of the day. Or at the very least a bra. Iím wearing my stripy new one and let me just say it is not going so well. The black one was fine. The bras are identical in size and shape just color is different. I donít quite understand whatís up. I currently have Kleenex stuffed between the underwire and my body but only on the left side. Itís not right.

I almost wore a skirt today but decided this morning it would be too much work. Mostly putting on the stockings made me tired just thinking about it. Black cords it was!

I slept great for the first time this week. Sunday and Monday were both write offs. Yesterday while at the chiro I mentioned how I hadnít slept well and she said it was no surprise cause my back was pretty messed up and she said I probably couldnít find a comfortable spot all night which was my exact problem! I could not get comfy at all. But last night? I was off to dreamland in no time. I think I mentioned last time how my dreams are messed up and about the whole Ďplot dreamí thing? Yah it gets worse. The night after I wrote that I again dreamt of people I didnít really know but this time I was actually in the dream as myself so that was at least a good start. Of course I had been dreaming of watching people bunji-jump off a building across from me and one of the girls (who thankfully I didnít know) didnít make it Ė her rope was too long and yah I watched her die. How f*ckiní messed up is that?! Iím dreaming of people I donít know dying and watching them die!

Um yah so anyway my chiro mentioned how I was more messed up than Keith was which is never the case! I mean itís not something you really want to win but still I was kind of honoured. Heh.

So Iím in the process of booking a cottage for our week off in August. My brother, sil, Keith and I finally got a chance to hash over the plans and it looks like this may happen! The cottage is $80 a night which works out to be $40 a couple (simple math is my thang). So yah hereís hoping my (and my silís) vacation requests get approved! We both wonít find out till probably April. Nothing like taking a chance! Iím hoping if for some strange reason we canít go the renter will let us cancel if thereís enough time. Sheís a friend of my parents so hopefully they can vouch that weíre not the cancelling kind. Plus I decided that if does turn out my bro and sil canít go then Keith and I will still go anyway. Itís not like weíd be able to rebook our vacation since thatís the only week in the summer Keith gets off. It would suck big time but we still need a vacation.

Bra update: still uncomfortable. I canít wait to change into my sports bra at the gym. I have to take it easy at the gym since my ankle is bugging me (wii and Ďrealí bowling injury related). My chiro clicked it with her magic clicker and that did help some.

Have I mentioned my skin issues lately? They are still there. The pimples are still coming but Iím also getting what looks like pimples Ė red spots on the face Ė but itís not actually pimples. Itís driving me absolutely crazy. To everyone else I donít think it looks that bad but to me? Terrible. I think Iím going to look at switching up the face cleansing routine and maybe buy some actual cover up that evens out the skin tone. I still have nightmares of that line girls used to get when they wore foundation in high school. Their face would be dark beige and thereíd be this visible line where jaw met neck and it just looked so bad. Iím sure make up has changed since then. Right?

Mkay I think I will post and then go to the washroom and check how much difference the strategically placed kleenex has made!

1:18 p.m. - 2009-03-11


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