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Almost green beer time

Thursdayís Musings:

Itís like ripping a band-aid off a wound, thatís how I felt just now logging on to my bank account. But I did it and yes it was as bad as I thought. Itís going to be a lean few months. At least until Keith starts to bring in money on a regular basis. But until that time the bills are piling up. He is booked sporadically for the next few months and then from June on he is booked solid. We just have to get through the next few months. Sigh. Sometimes you canít help but let the money troubles bring you down....for a little while anyway.

I think I am going to return my stripy bra. Yah I wore it but that will be our little secret. Thereís no good reason that the same style and size bra as the black one I bought fits so poorly and is so uncomfortable. I didnít lose my left boob yesterday but let me tell ya it was close!

So Iím struggling with whether Iím going back to belly dancing this session. I enjoy it, itís just right now itís a luxury that Iím not sure I can afford. Besides our never ending bills my gym membership is due by the 16th of this month. You have to pay upfront all at once. It sucks but in the long run I save a lot of money this way. I could probably eek by with belly dancing too but already I canít go this week, thereís just no way my ankle can handle it. I probably shouldnít be going to the gym either but I refuse to sacrifice that. I do take it easy while Iím there and avoid the treadmill and any other machine that will hurt my ankle.

Fridayís Musings:

I did skip belly dance last night and sent my instructor an email letting her know about the sore ankle and that I wasnít sure I was going to do this session as the money is a little tight right now. And then I kind of got into the mind frame of not going on Thursdayís and that it would okay. That was all blown out of the water when she emailed me back and said she missed having me there and that if I wanted I could only pay $20 this session to just help cover the rent. Erm. Now what?

So our St Patís plans are coming along quite fine. I was a little worried cause our party got squashed and we were sort of fumbling around for ideas but then I saved the day. Hopefully! We have a Yuk Yukís comedy club right beside where I work and for years Iíve been saying we should go and then I thought hey why not combine comedy and St. Patís? So we are! We are going for pre-drinks at Tís, walk down town, go watch some comedy and then if we are so inclined bar hop around the few bars that are in the area (one of Tís favourites is here). Iím pretty excited actually. It sure beats the heck out of going to a bar and sitting in a booth (if you are lucky to find one) and then staring at each other for hours on end ordering overpriced beer afraid to leave your booth in case someone steals it. Plus? I get to meet the guy who is jerking T around (the one who ditched her and is now trying to get back in her good graces). Iím hoping for an excellent (and not too expensive!) night!

Iím also hoping to get T alone so I can quiz her about her new guy. Or her weekend guy as I should call him. He comes down every weekend from about an hour away and they spend the whole weekend together. And I guess theyíre pretty exclusive. But itís not serious. Huh? Yah I have no idea either. Thus the need to pump her for more info.

I think I shall walk up to the Bargain shop at lunch. Mostly to see if I run into the hubby. Heís supposed to deliver there today and he figured between 1 and 2. Of course his schedule always gets flipped around so who knows when heíll be there. Itís a slim chance but I like watching him work (have I mentioned how it turns me on? Yah something about him wearing his dark blue work shirt and working up a sweat makes me want him Ė I am so weird).

Alright I guess thatís enough tmi for one day! Tonight I plan on going to the gym after work, going home and just reeeelaxing (oh I will probably have to mix that up with a little Ďcleaningí just in case we have company over). Then I plan on sleeping in tomorrow so I have enough stamina for tomorrow night. Getting older is so much fun!

1:44 p.m. - 2009-03-13


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