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Workin' 9 to 5 what a way to make a livin'

Of course I wrote this this morning:

I made it! Day one with the old boss back. Good thing I learned to play nice!

My head is buzzing. Work is crazy busy which I really don't mind since it makes the day go pretty fast. I'm at reception for a little while (thus the time to write this entry!)

So my weekend didn't turn out exactly as planned. I had grand plans to go to the gym on Saturday but for various reasons that didn't happen. We went to the comedy show that night and even though we were at the end of the line we sat as close to the stage as you can get (nobody wants to be made fun of). T was pointed out but that's mostly because she was wearing a shirt that showed ALL her goods her if you know what I mean. She loves the attention so it was all good.

It was after the show that things got weird. As soon as the comic ended T jumped up and put on her coat. I had thought we would maybe stay and have another drink and decide what to do next since you know we were already at a bar. Instead we headed outside and went to a bar nearby and it turns out the bar was shut down for a private function. We then headed to the really bad and really dirty sports bar that we love to go to to watch karoake. They weren't having karoake so the place was dead. I'm talking a total of 8 people and 5 left within 10 minutes. By this time it was around 12:15 and the 3 of us were at a loss of what to do. T ordered a pitcher of beer and since I figured they didn't know how to make the mixed drinks I like (ie anything other than rum and coke) I just decided to drink beer with her. T's on and off again guy who ditched her, ditched all of us Saturday night. He said he was coming, then probably coming, then meeting up with us afterwards, then not answering his phone. Whatevs.

T tried to talk me in to going to the country bar but I wasn't dressed for the bar - ie not a sweater! I know T really wanted to go cause she was flashing most of the world and wanted to be seen. I dragged our time out at the lame bar until 1am at which time it was pointless to go to the bar so instead we all hopped in a cab, T and I got dropped off at her place and Keith went home. I decided to go with T since we were still pretty awake and could just hang out.

Sunday, after a very poor sleep on T's couch, I headed home after picking up my car. Keith and I ran a million and one errands and then I had a meltdown over his grouchiness. It was a most gorgeous day out and he was all 'ugh' about it and for some inane man reason he refused to go the barber and get his hair cut. His hair is crazy long and driving me crazy!!!

We grocery shopped and Keith changed his attitude 100%. He cajoled me out of my upset mood and even had me laughing by the end of it all (he cheated though by pulling out the big guns and zoned in on my secret tickle spot in public - and no it's not dirty!). He even offered to go for a walk with me despite being sore and tired once we got home from grocery shopping. I could have been the bigger person and declined but hells no I wanted to go for a walk! It was gorgeous and lovely.

Oh yah right before we left I had a snack and was pouring my new bottle of root-beer into my glass, I set the glass down, balanced the bottle on the sink as I grabbed the cap and then proceeded to watch the bottle fall into the sink and release a third of it's contents. Yah.


A'ight I am going to shut 'er all down and head to bed. I'm still recovering from my sleep deficit on the weekend. The 'old' boss gets in at 8am and I actually have to start being on time again (boo!).

9:44 p.m. - 2009-03-16


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