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here comes the rain again....and I really don't mind

Iím feeling very Ďmehí right now. It could just be tiredness. The hubby and I had an incident before he went to bed a couple hours ago. Nothing earth shattering we both just walked away a little sadder after our discussion. Sucky way to end a night.

My day zoomed by. Iím mostly training the new girl and sheís a fun gal so itís nice to enjoy your day. There were a few nippy emails from the boss that we all rolled our eyes at but overall it was a good one. We shall soon be fighting her with all our might to retain our flex hours over the summer holidays. She is hell bent on suspending flex like she did every year since Iíve been doing it but now we have our feisty red head co-worker on our side and yah Iím gonna let her fight my battle or at least have her stand beside me while I fight the olí boss. I was gonna call her the olí battle ax but I stopped myself (or did I if I just told you that?).

I drove the Ďtankí to work today. Thatís what I nicknamed our white car that Keith drives. The thing is small but sounds like a tank! It has this loud rumbley noise that is super loud as you drive down the road.

My car now has a brand spanking new tint on the driverís side window. It looks great. And the best part? It was the cheapest of all three places that I called. All others would had been minimum $65 plus tax but this cost us $50 flat.

I didnít go to the gym tonight like planned and it just felt weird. Not really having a valid reason not to go. My foot is feeling somewhat better but I did wear a tensor bandage all day at work and I think that helped with the stability. Iíll try and not to be too hard on it tomorrow at belly dance.

Alright I am spent. Itís just been one of those nights where I am over emotional. I am ready to lay my head down on the pillow and put this day behind me. Onward and upward...right?

9:49 p.m. - 2009-03-18


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