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Mmmmm bugs....

Have I ever mentioned that both my parents are morning people? How did they create such a night owl? Although my mom did mention that I was born in the wee hours of the morning so this may mean something after all. I am wicked tired this morning, I was close to getting up and resetting my alarm for another 30 minutes sleep. I most likely would have been late for work but at that moment I didnít care. Luckily common sense kicked in and forced me to get up. When I have a point to prove I am one stubborn s.o.b.

So my weekend was pretty good. Nothing spectacular but it included a lot of R&R so I canít really complain at all. I made it to the gym both Friday and Saturday which is a first for me in a long time. Saturdayís just donít happen naturally. Although I am able to refrain from patting myself on the back because I ate so much junk this weekend itís unbelievable. Letís just say Iím quite happy with the fact I donít weigh myself! I should get one of this little pig noses and wear it! But moving on, canít go back and make better food choices! Onward and upward (wait scratch that....the upward part that is!). Ah well at least I fit into a skirt that although is a higher number than I would prefer is a number that is closer to the silís! Ha. The skirt was at a second hand store and Iím not sure yet if Iíll keep it. I tried it on quickly last night and wasnít too impressed. I think Iíll need to try it with a top and sandals. Itís kind of a longer length than I thought it was. I also bought a t-shirt that Iím again having second thoughts about. But it was only a couple dollars (and brand new), even if I just wear it around the house it will be worth it.

My foot is doing a lot better. Friday night I stretched out sometime while sleeping and I remember hearing this loud crack. I was afraid to move my ankle as I wasnít sure if it was going to be a Ďowí crack. It must have been a good one cause since then my foot has been a lot better. It still gets a bit sore but I think thatís partly due to my sitting on it! I like to sit with my left leg tucked under my right (yes even at work). Iím sure that doesnít help!

So Iím heading to the gym after work. Normally I avoid the bike at the gym but I have added it to my routine Ė only 5 Ė 10 minutes. Basically I want to get my butt ready to take a spin class at the gym (sitting on those seats kill!) and I also want to toughen the oldí glutes up for when I start biking at home. Keith was the one who suggested it actually. I have this very expensive mountain bike (at the time it cost $1500) and it sits mostly neglected. Itís not the type of bike you just whip out and ride anywhere, itís made especially for rough terrain so riding it on a paved path or the road really doesnít do the bike justice. But hopefully once the nicer weather comes (and stays!) I can get the bike in tip top shape and then head out on the hills behind my house. I donít doubt I will nearly pass out the first few times I attempt this (helloooo cardio!) but I have no doubt I will be psyched beyond belief when I do eventually get out!

Oh did I mention what I did yesterday? I went and paid to eat bugs! I went to the butterfly conservatory where it was Ďbug weekí and you got to eat...bugs! Okay they were incorporated into the food so it wasnít too nasty. I had cookies with ants baked into them (they ground them up first). I also had scorpion soup, actually pretty good if you were able to get over the Ďscorpioní part (I was barely able to). Then it was beetle juice (juice with a big olí beetle marinating in it! The juice was pretty good. Although the pics T took of me trying this stuff was priceless (Iím a bit of a prissy girl so Iím grossed out pretty easily). I imagine T will post them on f-book before too long. We also went into the butterly conservatory where it was a gazillion degrees and I didnít stop sweating the whole time we were in there but I got some pretty good pics. (Update: T has indeed posted the pics and they are as bad I thought they would be).

I had left the hubby in a rather iffy mood when I went out but by the time I came back he was outside doing stuff and in pretty good spirits, we even washed the cars (okay it may have been a little too cool for this) and then went and did some expensive grocery shopping (why must food cost so much?)


Alright I'm going to post this, catch up on a few diary's, clean up a little and then head to bed! By any luck I'll be fast asleep by 10:30! G'nite!

9:29 p.m. - 2009-03-23


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