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Urg! The one day I came in at 8:05 and guess who was in on time? Yah un-freakin’ believable. Every day I get in before her at least a good 10 minutes. Today it seemed like the traffic had doubled and I just crawled into work whereas yesterday I didn’t even get stopped by red lights! Just an fyi that 8:05 is actually 8:01 in ‘real time’. Don’t even get me started on our stupid clocks at work (they are connected to the phones so we go by them – although leaving 4 minutes earlier is pretty sweet).

So in other news, I just sent an email to our entire office (100+ people) when I meant to reply to ONE person....always double check you click on “Reply” and NOT “Reply All” folks. Thankfully I didn’t say anything bad or un-pc since this girl and I like to joke around!

I slept great last night. I went to bed a wee bit later than I had planned but I slept solidly so that was all good. Isn’t it weird how after you wake up from a dream you are in a whole different state emotionally? But then afterwards you think about it and you feel kind of foolish for being emotional? Especially when the dream basically involved my camera being stolen while I was on vacation (no need to delve deeper into this – this dream stemmed from two conversations one with my mom and one with T). Oh you kooky subconscious!

I was almost tempted not to pack my gym bag tonight. For no reason really. I figure I would get my 3 days in no problem but then I gave myself a mental slap and packed my bag! If I don’t have a reason I shouldn’t be going then don’t be an idiot and get your butt into the gym pronto! It doesn't help that I am craving salty...wait sweety AND salty! D'oy.

I think my mom is pretty psyched that we've been talking almost every day for the last few days trying to plan our trip into the big city this Friday. It's kind of cute. Although she just threw a small wrench into our plans, as my parents are now attending a funeral Friday morning a few hours away. Oh and my dad is performing the funeral so they can't even bail early! Ah the life of a minister. Ah well luckily our play isn't till the evening so even if we can't go in all that early to bum around it should still work out.

Well I have run out of things to say, so I guess I will bid you adieu!

9:15 p.m. - 2009-03-24


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