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Of flashing lights and broken cars...but not together

Really Mr Car...really?! My car is mysteriously dying - no power - at the drop of a hat. It happened twice tonight. Luckily both times we were parked although the second time the key wouldn't remove from the ignition and it took some work to get it out. Keith is going to check it out tomorrow and I pray it's nothing too serious. Please be an alternator or battery...please!!

So it's been a couple days. Let's see what did I do the last few days? Skipped out on a coffee date with an ex co-worker that retired, went to belly dance class and found out I have one more class to learn a new dance that I will be performing in public a week from today (with a group of course - except for our instructor as she fractured her foot!). I'm refusing to think about it right now. Had my parents come and spend the night on Thursday, made them breakfast and then sent them on their way nice and early. A few hours later Keith and I met up with them in T dot.

Keith was a last minute tag along as originally he had to work and couldn't join us for dinner and the theatre (Jersey Boyz). Unfortunately we couldn't get him a seat beside us but he was a few rows back. We were in the extreme cheap seats but the view was still okay. We parked for free at a church nearby which was pretty awesome. We went and saw one of S's paintings in a gallery that was free to the public. S's painting was...interesting. Let's just say I totally understand the meaning 'art is subjective'. Oh and she priced it at $1785. S has never sold a painting that I know about so how she came up with that price I'll never have a clue. My odds are on her not selling that beaut. Oh yah we totally scored on free parking at that place too (the machine was out of order).

We grabbed a very pricey bite to eat across from the theatre - seriously I almost couldn't order, the menu was so expensive. My mom kept telling me it was okay as we never do this so it was okay to splurge - the same woman who hmmed and hawed over $50 tickets for the theatre but then settled on $35 the very cheap seats! My parents picked up the tab which I felt extremely guilty about but then we bought dessert (it cost us a whopping $2 for my dad's icecream cone!).

We had time to kill before the play so we took a walk and I took a lot of cool pics. Once in the theatre we found our seats and I felt guilty for having Keith sit alone. About 5 minutes before the play was due to start my mom suggested I go sit with him and if someone came I would move back down so I did. And so Keith and I sat together for the play. He was a lot happier after that.

About 20 minutes into the play the door opened and about 10 people came in but luckily none for the seat I was in (like I said we were in the cheapest of the cheap on the end). But a family of 3 did come in and sit directly in front of us where the hubby with the huge head decided to sit forward in his seat blocking my view for most of the first half. His son was even worse (we guess him to be about age 8 but HUGE for his age). The play was way beyond him and he bounced up and down in his seat the whole time and kept lighting up his watch. Precious.

After the intermission, the lady who was manning our area had a talk with the family but it didn't do all that much (the mom had her blackberry out for the last half hour of the show). The people in front of them got to move to box seating due to the kid kicking the seat and being a nuisance. Keith and I could have probably snagged the same deal but we just moved in a few seats and didn't have to deal with people who don't understand theatre etiquette.

Afterwards mom and dad went their seperate way and Keith and I headed ours. All of us were tired. I feel bad though cause my parents have one crazy busy weekend scheduled and sleep is just not in their schedule at least more than a few hours! I think they'll be going to bed very early tomorrow night. They better be!

Keith and I didn't do too much today, we did a little grocery shopping and then home to relax before deciding to go to a movie. We saw the 10pm show of Aliens vs Monsters (I think that's the title). It was in 3D and was very cool!

On our drive home we saw flashing lights on the hill behind our house. After we dealt with the dead car issue (ie removing the key) we headed up on the hill. We didn't get too close since it appeared there were several men (maybe firemen) all looking for something with their flashlights on the ground. We stayed back and then eventually turned around and left. We plan on going up there tomorrow in daylight to see what exactly it was they were doing. Yah I'm that kind of nosy neighbour!

And now it is after 1am and we are both still wide awake. We are both going to be so screwed for work on Monday - especially Keith since he'll have to get up around 3 or 4am. Yikes.

Oh yah one more thing - guess what I got tickets for? A show....with firemen! I think it's their official calendar release or something. Yah basically I have no idea what it's for but as soon as I heard the word firement I was there! Actually Keith told me about it Thursday morning and I totally forgot. He then reminded me about it Thursday evening and that's when I got on it and emailed C and T who were both definitely in. I went to the firehall Friday before we left and the woman only had a few tickets left! The show isn't till May! But I got them and yah I'm pretty psyched.

Well I think I shall go conk us both over the head in hopes of actually getting some sleep tonight (good luck to me though cause I had a wicked caffeine withdrawl headache all day and I only got rid of it - with copious amounts of caffeine this evening!).


1:12 a.m. - 2009-03-29


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