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Will dance for maple syrup!

Well it seems it's been a while since I updated eh? I'm not sure what's up with that. I had words, but I didn't have time....I had time but I had no words - story of my life I guess.

Well you haven't missed too much. My car problem did turn out to be the battery. It died last Sunday while we were out shopping. We picked up a new battery and Keith made the car work again. Yay for no mechanic!

The work week went by pretty fast - well it was a slow start but at least Friday seemed to zoom by. I met up with C Friday evening and we shopped and went out for dinner. It was pretty good. Her goal was to spend $1000, she only spent $300. I know, poor thing. I, on the other hand, was going to try to spend little to nothing and that didn't happen. I think I spent about $60 or $70. I bought a much needed pair of jeans and a cute pair of pajama pants (they were only $3.88). I also bought a pair of capris for work that were super cute. I wanted to buy a top but it was $30 and C talked me out of it. The top was for belly dancing. My belly dance recital that was today. Yes lets talk about that (in a minute).

Saturday we awoke to a very cold and rainy morning - all week they had been calling for beautiful weather. Go figure. It was maple syrup time! We headed up around 10 and about half an hour into wandering around ran into some of Keith's family. We left a few hours later full of maple syrup and other yummy stuff. After that we did a lot of running around - mostly my stuff - one errand included going and buying the top C talked me out of! I know! It was just such a nice top and perfect for the dance we were performing plus I know I'll wear it again - a lot. That eve we just stayed in and watched some movies and tried to keep our eyes open till midnight - I made it, Keith didn't.

Today was beautiful and sunny....and a total write-off for me. I was a little bitter over that fact. I had to be out the door by 11:30 to get to the hall where our recital was. I got lost along the way even with a map AND gps! I called Keith who saved the day - turns out if I had gone another 100 feet or so I would have 'arrived at my destination'.

The recital can I put this? It was good in the sense that watching all the other amazing dancers was awesome but our actual performance? It was left lacking in my opinion. Although to be honest we learned this dance in only 2 classes. TWO. Two one hour classes. Now that is crazy shit. I actually practiced on my own last night for about an hour. I was practicing from notes that were not the most recent. She did send me up to date ones but in talking to the other 3 girls I performed with we weren't even following her notes during certain parts! It was just chaos. We had to do this 'salsa' bit with a partner - cheek to cheek - and me and my partner sucked big time. I would start on the wrong foot but she would forget to cha cha and be moving on. Although she'll never admit it so I just took all the blame. Whatev. Let's just say I won't be doing that sort of thing again with a teacher that a) throws a dance at us at the last minute and b) can't even SHOW us how it's done because her foot is in a cast. Can you tell I was a little frustrated over it all? Oh and to add insult to injury at our last practice on Thursday we met up an hour earlier to practice then had our regular class - another dance we were learning and then she let us go not even going over the dance we were performing so we walked out of there with another dance in our heads! Argh!

Okay - deep breath - letting it all go. I am home. I am looking at a 3 day week ahead of me. (WOO!) This week is going to be good, I can just feel it. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with our favourite retired gal, then Tuesday the big wigs in the union are coming to talk to us (okay this part may not be so good but I"m pretty sure they're just coming to talk about all the recent changes and how everyone is stressed out over how crazy busy they all are - our department wasn't really affected but it's good to know what's going on in the organization). And then Wednesday my crazy boss has planned an all day feast at work. We are all to bring in a food item of some sort - breakfast, snack and lunch foods and we're supposed to graze all day. Um okay. I can see that being quite the productive day!

Alright my second load of laundry just finished, I think I"ll throw it in the dryer and then try and convince the hubs to give me some sort of body rub cause all this dancing has made me a very sore girl! Indeed.

9:22 p.m. - 2009-04-05


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