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Morning after regrets?

Have you ever written an entry, posted it and then later that night while lying in bed start to have second thoughts about posting something that can not only be taken the wrong way but suddenly seems to leave you feeling so vulnerable? I thought of getting up and deleting it or heck even deleting it this morning since most people wouldnít read it till probably later today. But I decided not to. These are my thoughts and my feelings and if I feel a little vulnerable putting my thoughts out there then so be it.

Of course that doesnít stop me from typing a new entry and posting it earlier than I normally would!

It is a beautiful Spring day here. Several people called in Ďsickí so you know itís gotta be a nice day AND a Friday! The sucker that I am, I came into work although I was about 10 minutes late and of course the boss walked by as I was walking in. She didnít say anything but I swear if she had I donít think I would have been able to hold my tongue and say something along the lines of how I was getting in today the same time she does every OTHER day. I guess Iím kinda glad she didnít say anything!

I walked in to work today wearing capris, a t-shirt and flip flops. Everyone, and I mean everyone, around me was wearing jeans, sneakers AND coats. Did they not check the weather? Of course I was a little chilly but it is supposed to warm right up by this afternoon. Itís currently 8 but will be 18 this afternoon (I just converted that to Fahrenheit 46 to 64). Hm that doesnít sound as good in Fahrenheit as it does in Celsius. Ah well I plan on grabbing the book I bought a few weeks ago and heading outside in the sun to soak up some vitamin d during my lunch hour. Although I also brought soup for lunch so figure that one out!

This weekend is Tís birthday. C and I are supposed to celebrate with her next weekend. I have no clue what her plans are for this weekend. When I spoke to her on Monday she mentioned her cousin and another gal coming up to party with her so Iím sort of conflicted whether I should pursue her plans or just let her approach me if she wants to do something? I seem to be getting stubborn the older I get. If you donít show interest in doing something with me then why would I pursue you? Meh, it makes sense in my head.

I guess I should touch on my Easter. Although truthfully thereís not much to tell. I had a nice 5 day weekend. I spent the whole day with Keith on Thursday and skipped belly dancing last week. Friday we left for my parents and we spent a low-key almost too relaxing few days there. Iím sure Keith was a tad bored at times but I had snippets of time to bury my nose in a book so I was a happy gal. Sunday we had Easter dinner with the fam and extended fam (24 of us in total I believe). We ate in the church basement and had tons of room to get around and a huge kitchen at our disposal. We left around 4 and made pretty good time getting home. Keith had to work Monday but I was off so I had a Wonderful Me Day. I didnít sleep in though cause I had a massage booked for 8:45 (only time he could fit me in). I spent a few hours going through pics on the computer and sending a whole whack to W-Mart to print and only paying a few dollars as they gave me a huge discount for my first time ordering pics online. Then I actually put pictures into frames (after picking them up of course). Pretty productive. Of course I also spent an hour or so just lazing around and reading. No gym though.

My abs are absolutely killing me right now. I guess I worked harder than I realized last night while belly dancing. Although the day before (Wednesday) I went to the gym and did 20 min cardio and then weights and was just cooling down when the Spin instructor finally convinced me to take her class. It was an hour class but I told her I could only stay for half an hour. Thank goodness for that or else I may not be here right now. That class was Hard but so Rewarding! I felt like a million dollars when I got home. Oh I was stiff and sore but I felt Great!

Alright itís break time so I am heading outside where itís still a tad chilly but who careís cause the sun is shining and itís Friday!!!

9:56 a.m. - 2009-04-17


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