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I'm tired. As well I should be since it's after 1:00 in the morning!

I had T's party tonight. Just a girls get together including the hubby. He was our cook and drink maker. I thought he would eat and then head to bed early but instead he stayed up and we all Wii'd together. C eventually called her guy to come over and Wii with us too. He had dropped her off since she was um...impregnated today. She'll know if it took in 2 weeks.

So I headed to the clinic this morning to give more of my blood - it must really be tasty they like it a lot. I fasted so I'll have the true test of my blood sugar levels and all that fun stuff. Thanks so much to everyone who left me a comment. I'm trying to decide if I'm really okay with this or if I'm just giving lip service. Probably both. But I've decided to just wait for the tests come back before thinking too hard about it all.

Speaking of tests, I managed to get my ultrasound test results. I got it from Dr #1 who I first saw on Tuesday. He's not my favourite. Dr #2 who I saw on Wednesday had a much better bed side manner and was just more pleasant. Dr #1 barely wanted to talk about my test results and kept coming back to the blood tests - I wanted to beat him over the head with something hard. Finally he casually told me that they didn't find anything and it was just 'one of those things' and it was okay cause it 'all worked itself out'. I then went on about how I could barely WALK for TWO days so to me it just wasn't one of those things. He conceded that it was most likely my appendix but wasn't severe enough to be appendicitis or whatever it takes to get my appendix out. He then said that if I ever get that pain again to go to the ER....I laughed. That ain't gonna happen. I will go to the clinic and I will force them to make me an appointment with a surgeon to remove my damn appendix! Oh sure our health care system is 'free' but it doesn't stop it from sucking any less!

I imagine I will get a call from the clinic about my results in a few days. I will probably tell them to send them to my doctor if they haven't already done so. I should probably start dealing with just one person from now on. Then the fun will begin I'm sure.

So it's supposed to be HOT and rainy this weekend. Interesting combo. Could be worse I guess. I don't have any plans as of right now. I know I have a whole lot of cleaning to do when I get up tomorrow. I have our basement decorated all tropical so that will have to be put away and we have tons of food stuffs everywhere - not really looking forward to that but whatevs. I guess it's better than getting up at 5am and working for 5 hours or so like the hubby!

A'ight I am gonna finish this here entry and head to bed pronto before the left over food begins to call my name (it already has but I'm doing my darndest to ignore it!). G'nite!

1:06 a.m. - 2009-04-25


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