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Oh look more test results!

Well just a rainy Sunday (as predicted by the weather man). Yesterday was sunny and Hot. For a while. The wind began to pick up around 4 and luckily I had just finished book (that was my goal) so I was cleaning up to head back in. Within minutes the wind was whipping around and it was quite intense. Then the rain came. It didn't stop for the rest of the night.

It wasn't a terribly interesting night last night. We played some Wii, grabbed some dinner and then settled down to channel surf cause neither of us could agree on what to watch. We had a few movie options and again couldn't agree on what we wanted to watch. We headed to bed around 12:30 and then my coughing began. I could not for the life of me stop coughing. Keith fell asleep as soon as the tv was off so I got up, grabbed some water and headed into the spare room to continue watching brainless tv while cursing the damn coughing.

Eventually I drifted off and the loud birdies awoke me at 3am so I shuffled back into our bedroom and slept restlessly for the next few hours. I miss my dead to the world sleeps. I think the lack of working out has a lot to do with it.

We were up around 9 and just lazing when the phone rang - it was the clinic. They wanted me to come in and discuss my results. So we showered, dressed and headed back to the clinic - again. I'm pretty sick of that place.

It was a bit of a wait as I guess most people ignored their illnesses while it was nice out yesterday and went today. I had the nice doctor which I was SO grateful for. He explained my tests and I was quite surprised. I did a lot better than I expected! My cholesterol is actually pretty good (yah I know I'm kind of young for bad cholesterol but with the crap I eat and my family history I was expecting the worse).

As for the diabetes.......well it seems I'm 'borderline'! Story of my freakin' life! I guess regular is 3.6 - 6.0. I am 6.1. Yah. At least that's how I interprete the copy of the results he gave me. But he did use the word borderline! He said he's sending the results to my doctor and I should make an appointment to begin monitoring it and all that fun stuff. I was going to make an appointment anyway to begin to deal with the high blood pressure. I'm done ignoring it. It ain't going away. Fun.

Speaking of fun - here's something interesting I discovered! They gave me copies of ALL my test results this past week. Remember the doctor who didn't care about the pain and wanted to ONLY talk about my high sugar level even though I had only moments before just given blood so there was nothing we could discuss until he had the results? Yah the same guy who I asked a few times about the results of my ultrasound who FINALLY looked down on the paper and said there were no cysts and it was just 'one of those things'. Can you see where I'm going with this? Yah so I'm reading the results and right there in black and white I have a cyst on my right ovary! Imagine that!!! I'm not saying that's what caused the pain but damnit doctor why can't you read???? The same ovary was double the size of my other one but I have no way of knowing if this matters or not. Guess I can save that question for my doctor when I see him.

But wow, I am so done with clinics and hospitals and if I had my choice doctors but since I have to see mine soon-ish then I guess I can't say that.

We left the clinic in a bit of a funky mood. It's just been a hellacious week. Now Keith has some mole type thing that looks BAD and he should probably get checked out except his health card is in pieces cause he never bothered to get it replaced. He says he's going to go on Wednesday his day off and do this. Then if the funny looking mole thing is still funny looking he'll have to go get it checked at the clinic cause he doesn't have a doctor (the bitch nurse at my doctor's office said they won't take him on even though he's my husband).

We had plans to go grab a bite to eat but the few places we went were jam packed as in no parking places and I guess the stress and fatigue had caught up with Keith as he was in a BAD mood by this point. We just decided to head home where we had a good talk about it all and what our next move is that sort of thing. Cleared the air.

Of course that didn't really lift the funk as it's Sunday afternoon, we're both tired, I'm coming down with a cold (the throat is actually getting sore now) and yah it's just BLAH.

I'm tempted to go take a nap even though it will totally mess my sleep tonight but really I don't think it will matter, the last few nights I have gone to bed at 2am so I doubt my body will be ready for sleepy time at 11.

Alright that's my health update for now. Time to go drink some more oj and lay my head down for a while.

1:40 p.m. - 2009-04-26


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