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Not so bad...

I did it! I went back to work. Okay we knew it was a given unless you know I liked being unemployed.....and losing our house! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Getting up was hard but that was a given.

The poor hubs made me breakfast but I just couldn't eat. I wasn't hungry. I think I might have been a tad nervous about going back to work and facing the co-workers (we're a pretty sceptical bunch when one of us gets sick). But all was for naught, I got plenty of love when I stepped in the building - kind of felt like a celebrity with all the attention I got!

I barely got any work done but that's another story. The lack of breakfast turned out to be an ok thing since we had our Wellness breakfast today. I got to have breakfast after all - for free.

Tomorrow I get to arrive at work at noon! In the morning I'll be at a trade show 'selling our wares' heh. Anything to get out of work I tell ya. I had volunteered to do this but hadn't got an answer before I got sick good thing I wasn't booked to do it today!

Speaking of booked, I called my doctor's office today - twice. The first time I sat on hold for a good fifteen minutes before hanging up and trying half an hour later and only being put on hold for 30 seconds. I made an appointment for this Friday to see my doc. Big steps for me. Look at me facing reality!

Talked to my younger bro and sil tonight, they are supposedly coming camping for the Long weekend. I hope it's true cause I am PSYCHED! Those two are so fun to hang out with it's just crazy how much I love hanging out with them!

Alright time to get ready for bed. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow!

Oh and I made a decision about my belly dance. I leveled with my teacher about the high prices and told her I would take her class on and off. Maybe skip a session every so often to make this affordable. So far she's offered me a bit of a discount for this session especially since I can't make it to the first class which is very nice of her.

Okay I really am going now. Nite!

10:17 p.m. - 2009-05-04


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