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The return of CW......

I had stuff to say and even began writing an entry earlier today but then the day just got too weird and I had to abandon the entry. Weird wins every time.

We had a meeting with the boss and she walked into the room with a Royal Bitch-On. Oh she was snotty and she even used her 'mad voice'. Basically she was pissed that we waited 20 minutes for her to show up to our meeting. I guess we should have waited 5 minutes and then went back to our desks to sit and stare at our computers since all our work was caught up. Instead we actually discussed work related items until her royal highness showed up and began to spew her venom. There were even tears at the meeting and I am quite happy to say none were from me! Boo-yah. Suck it CW. Um if you don't remember CW stands for something naughty. Heh.

I also got some upsetting news from C. Her IVF didn't work - she isn't pregnant. After spending $14,000 and countless hours driving back and forth to fertility clinics it was all for naught. She say's she's okay but I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I see her how's she really doing.

I was so ready to call it a day at 4:30 today and just head home but it was time. Time to go back to the gym. I'm feeling 99% better. I still have a tiny cough and I knew working out would aggravate it a little (all that heavy breathing - heh). But that was no reason not to go back. I was supposed to go back yesterday but the hubby emailed me at the end of the day to ask if I wanted to do the gym and then dinner or dinner and a movie. Um guess which FUN event I chose?

It turned out to be an excellent choice. I got home and the hubby drove us to a Mexican restaurant about 45 minutes away (on behalf of cinco de mayo of course). The restaurant was awesome and we left there very stuffed. Fortunately we only had to walk across the parking lot to see the movie he chose. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. A chick flick!!! I couldn't believe it either. We Never see chick flicks in theatres....never. I think someone likes me....or at least has a crush on me. It was a great spontaneous date night.

So tomorrow is Fireman day! I have to remember to take the tickets off the bulletin board and put them in my purse! It's gonna be rushed to get there but we want to get there early and get good seats. I'm the only one off Friday but I have a doctor's appointment booked for 9:40 so I can't do that much sleeping in.

The hubs and I are heading to my parents this weekend. I still haven't got my mom anything for mother's day and it's killing me. I just have absolutely no idea what I want to give her. I don't want to give her the same ol' things or do the same ol' things but I'm just....out of ideas! I'm waiting for inspiration to strike and so hasn't.

I'm gonna have to call about our camping request tomorrow. I have emailed these suckers and even faxed them to no avail. They suck hardcore. If their camping venue wasn't so awesome I would be tempted to book elsewhere but this place spoils us for all others.

I'm going to be eating out all day tomorrow. For lunch, a co-worker and myself are taking out our ex-boss as she just got another manager position in one of our other offices - she leaves the end of May. It sucks but it's great for her. As for dinner, C, T and I will have to grab something quick and easy before going to watch some half naked firemen - woot woot!

9:39 p.m. - 2009-05-06


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