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Should I feel any different yet?

Written this morning:

Well it’s my first day on my blood pressure meds and boy do I feel……old! Let me crank up my hearing aid so I can hear you better….okay I’m not that far gone….yet. Although one of the ‘side effects’ people warned me about was the frequency of peeing BUT since I decided to step up my water consumption (it’s been lacking for the last couple weeks) I really have no idea if I’m indeed going more because of the meds. Although it has only been a few hours!

My dad gave me his blood pressure machine so I can ‘monitor’ myself and keep a record for when I see my doctor next. It’s very nice not having to spend all that money. My dad wasn’t using it by the way so it’s not like I’m a bad daughter!

As I was snuggling under my covers last night trying to get warm a thought suddenly struck me, “what the hell am I doing going camping THIS coming weekend?!”. My car is going to be half filled with blankets!! Ah but I do love me some camping so you know I’m not really complaining. We’re still trying to sort it all out – who will be able to make it Friday. My brother and sil are aiming for Saturday and it looks like Keith may also be on Saturday as well. T and I may camp on Friday – a girls night and then on Saturday her newest boy toy is going to camp as well. Yay new people! Apparently he’s super scrawny and very sensitive about it. I can't wait to meet him!

Present Time:

1 day down - 4 to go! I know I shouldn't wish the week away but it's SO hard especially since I'm off ALL next week!

I went to the gym after work and had a pretty kick ass work out. My stomach began to hurt at one point at 'the spot' but it wasn't crazy pain so hopefully it's all in my head! Seriously mess with my long weekend plans and I will be your worst nightmare! Ahem.

Once I got home I didn't even pause to take off my shoes, I knew I had limited time since Keith was almost home but was stopping for groceries. I immediately filled a tupperware tub with hot soapy water...and cleaned out the fridge! That sucker has been bugging me for weeks! I hate when stuff spills but never gets cleaned up fast enough. After that I had to rinse off since I left the gym a sweaty girl. While I rinsed off...I scrubbed the shower - hello multi tasking! Poor Keith was confused since it's not my pre-period cleaning time and here I was going crazy. I told him we had a lot to do this weekend and this was the only way I was going to get things done!

So my weekend was good. I told the fam about the medical issues. My older bro and I bonded and I found out that he started having blood sugar problems 3 years ago...we are 3 years apart so that's interesting. He pretty much has his under control which is great. I still say he doesn't get near enough sleep - maybe 5 hours a night? He has 3 kids and runs himself ragged. I guess when the kids go to college he'll get some 15 - 20 years!

Well I think I will take advantage of this early night and go read before heading to snoozeville. I'm trying not to be a slave to the tv this week and hopefully each night I'll get a few things done and actually be prepared for camping on Friday! It could happen.

9:38 p.m. - 2009-05-11


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