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The long and (not so ) short of my long weekend

The first long weekend of the 'summer' has come and gone. My fingers are now thawed out enough to type!

Friday started off crazy and chaotic. I finished packing the car (groggy and tired from the late night of packing) and headed to work late....stopping for a coffee of course! The plan was to leave from work at 4:30 - I would pick up T and we would hit the highway.

I had doubts all week as T had a hair appointment and wasn't telling me what time it was. Finally she told me 2pm. For most people this would be fine but when we go to our 'school' hair salon I knew without a doubt it wouldn't be enough time. We texted back and forth all afternoon at 4 I asked her how the hair was coming. She said they were still putting foils in. I told my co-worker I would be back in 10 and left the building running across the street to the salon where T was. She was not only sitting there with foils in her hair but she was still getting foils put in! I may have lost it on her in there but reigned it in and didn't create a 'scene'. But I made sure she knew I was pissed. As per usual everything turned out just fine and within the hour we were meeting up at her place, packing her stuff in my car and heading out. Btw she went in for a cut and color and only had time for the color - 3 hours.

Putting up her tent was challenging. We totally forgot how to set it up. Shamefully we had to call Keith to ask his advice and he actually remembered and helped us - some days that man of mine astounds me! We set up and then finished eating our dinner (subs) and then set to making a fire. By 11 we were toast and we headed to bed where I slept wonderfully thanks mostly to my blessed ear plugs.

Saturday Keith arrived around noon and we set up our tent. Shortly afterwards it began to not only rain but POUR. It poured for the next couple hours so the three of us....drank. Luckily our tent is huge so we just grabbed a few chairs, the cooler and hunkered down. My bro and sil arrived shortly after the rain (excellent timing!) and we continued to sit in the tent and drink until finally we decided the rain had stopped for good we all piled out and put up their tent.

* We made one of our many trips into town with the sil driving my car for the first time (hmm somehow that sobered me up fast - someone else driving my car!).

* T's guy showed up while me and the sil were out picking up booze and the forgotten potatoes. (We didn't know if I had forgot to put potatoes on their list or if they forgot them) Update: I just checked my sent email I had put it on the list...shew not my fault!

* We made bets if S and her hub would show up cause he is a prima-donna and doesn't really 'do' or like camping so the bad weather was sure to cause disturbance between them. Suprisingly they showed up aroung 7:30.

* S's hub was a wee bit grouchy. A few of us went over to help them unpack and put their tent up but Dick (yah that's what I'll call him) was non-appreciative. In fact at one point when someone put a peg into the wrong hole of the tent according to Dick he made a comment about how he "loves when people try to fucking help" as he whipped out the offensive peg. Dick. Yah I was sure to leave the scene because well he pisses me off.

* We drank, we ate around the cold cold fire and eventually all headed to bed around 11:30 - we're apparently all really old now.

* Keith and I snuggled until our bodies warmed up enough to sleep. We awoke to a wicked wind storm but managed to get some good lovin' in despite the fact our tent started to fall apart AND my brother was only a few feet from our head outside our tent trying to fix our tent for us. Crazy but funny.

* It was turning out to be a windy day so after breakfast we decided to head down to the shower/picnic area and hang out there for the day since there was little to no wind down there. We packed up a cooler full of booze and all drove down (we're also very lazy when camping).

* The spot turned out to be perfect and we spent a wonderful afternoon playing cranium and laughing a LOT. Soon as we finished the game (the guys won - boo) S's guy immediately got up and told S they were leaving to go back to the camp. S asked why and he said because. Sure. I was proud of S cause she told him to go back and she was staying - she said it nicely not being a bitch. Eventually Keith, S, T and her guy went to climb the mountain. I was torn between staying and going and this turned out to be my only regret of the weekend. I said no but within ten minutes of them being gone knew I should have went. My sil proceeded to get stinking drunk (and yes a wee bit annoying) while my brother and I tried to keep her out of trouble while trying to relax ourselves. Tiring.

* Two hours later the four travellers returned and got a taste of the sil's drunkeness. Eventually we all headed back to the camp site.

* We ate large quantities of meat and drank and sat by the fire. Eventually even the wind died down and we could really enjoy the fire. I had one of my infamous outbursts. I've come to realize that maybe I'm not the calm cool collected person I think I am. I seem to lose it at least once in a group of people that I spend day and night with for large quantities of time. Here's the scenario:

8 of us around the fire - it's cold. We're all pretty close to the flames every once in a while the flames get too close and we make a comment to that person about moving or whatever. Nothing nasty but we sometimes make fun of that person for being so close. Or that person will get up and be too close to the fire as they're walking. This was the case with me. I stood up, threw off the small blanket I had around my shoulders and walked towards the picnic table. Unfortunately the blanket clung to my shoulder and got close to the fire so several people yelled out at me to watch out. Fair enough.

Then they continued to chastise me for nearly putting the blanket in the fire as if I had done it on purpose! Unforunately Dick was one of these people. He mouthed off at me about how the 'I was wearing the blanket like a cap and the blanket nearly went in the "fucking" fire. I really can't explain his snarkiness and how it struck just the wrong chord in me so I whipped around and said, "OMG I didn't know it was attached to me so Fuck Off" Or something to that lovely effect. Luckily everyone just 'ohhhhed' and moved on to something else but I was pretty livid. This Dick can be grouchy and an asshole all weekend but we're supposed to play nice with him all weekend? I really do fear that someday I will just let loose on Dick and not stop until my friendship with S is not salvagable. And that is why I hold my tongue even though I want to let him have it.

*The tequila came out around then and I pulled the hubby aside and asked him not to over-do it. I knew he'd be upset with me but I just couldn't handle him being belligerent and/or puking. He told me he'd stop and he did but I knew the night lost part of the shine for us. Not too soon after we all called it a night and headed to bed. The hub and I talked it over and all was well. I confided in him my regret of the day and he understood. He didn't totally get why I flipped on Dick's head over the blanket which kind of made me simmer for a while but I managed to let it go. And we slept. Again I slept great.

* Monday we woke up to a slightly chilly morning but by mid morning the sun was out in full force, the wind was gone and it was going to be a beautiful day. Our last day - it figures. But we took our sweet time packing up and even hung out on the site for a few more hours. S and Dick were the first to leave (shocker!) and eventually T and her guy left. Around 3 or so the remaining 4 of us headed out too. I stopped at the gate dropped off the main key and confirmed that we only had 5 people at our site (cough cough) and gave them the go-ahead to charge my visa. The weekend cost each couple $30 to camp. Oh and none of us got charged the parking pass for all the extra cars. This is why I love this place so much.

So that was my first camping experience of the summer!

I am on vacation for the rest of the week which is VERY sweet.

Oh and I should mention that last night I could barely keep my eyes open at 10. Around 11 we headed to bed, I changed our sheets to my favourite ones and settled in nestling in our clean warm sheets thankful to be in our bed.

Two things happened:

1. I had the worst sleep I've had in a week. Tossing and turning and no deep sleep.

2. I woke up with a cold.

Ta da.

12:41 p.m. - 2009-05-19


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