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I guess I really am a home owner....

Is it Wednesday already? Seriously! This sucks. Well not for people who are actually working this week I'm sure but for us people on vacay it does! Boo. Slow down time slow down!

So as I may have mentioned I have a cold. I kind of had the sniffles on Friday but I think my weekend out in the cold 'froze' my cold until I came home and then it continued to attack me. At least that's my theory.

Yesterday I was a huge ball of whine. I was miserable so I was making life around me miserable. Mostly Keith's. He left me to nap at one point and since sleep still evaded me I instead made a game plan to stop being a huge suck and just get over it already. Yah I have a cold, yah it sucks but do you know with it! So I popped some more meds called the hubby up and apologized and gave him some 'attention'. We were both in much better moods afterwards.

Last night I took a nice big dose of ny-quil and slept beautifully. It never fails that the first few days after camping when I get up to visit the loo in the middle of the night I almost start to giggle at the wonderfulness of being only steps away rather than you the woods: bliss.

Today I slept till mid-morning which I didn't plan on but I guess my body needed the rest. Once up Keith and I headed out to buy stuff to plant our gardens. We bought a ton of soil and packets of flowers and veggie seeds. Did you know that planting a garden is hard work? I mean I knew on some level but the actual weeding before you even start? Wow. We have neglected our gardens since we moved here. We decided to put in a flower bed right in front of our deck at the front of the house. While Keith dug that up I weeded the front side garden that's already started but has been taken over by just weeds and has one lonely flower growing in it. We planted the flowers out front and then did a little bit more weeding at the side of the house where the veggie garden will go and then called it a day. It was Hot today. We were ready for some shade.

We cleaned up and then headed out for a decadent lunch at the Mongolian Grill. I managed to eat a plate and a half and thus only got charged the lunch price but Keith ate more so he got charged the reg price (heh). It was around 3:30 that we got there. But we were happy with the bill as we thought it would be way more.

We left around 4 and headed home. We planned on going to a movie at 6 and had a couple hours to kill. I had plans for those hours - sleep. I was so tired by this point and was alseep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow. Keith woke me at 5:30 and I again freshened up and we headed out to see Star Trek. His choice. I don't do well with this time travel crap it confuses me so instead I just sit back munch my popcorn and watch the action. It wasn't all that bad.

So I may be going on a road trip with T. To PEI. Yah it's crazy and insane and I can't believe we're actually planning it. She's been talking about it for months now but had never officially asked me but then on the weekend when she mentioned it again I told her she never actually talked to me about going and she said of course she wanted to go with me. So we'll see. I have no idea how we'll afford it but luckily we both like to do things on the cheap. I just had this thought the other day that life's too short and I ain't getting any younger! Why not seize the day and just do it? What's holding me back? I have the vacation time? I can scrape up the money. I haven't officially talked to Keith yet either so that's one obstacle. I did mention it in passing on the weekend but I'm sure he thinks it won't go anywhere either. It may surprise us both!

Speaking of surprises. Keith's b-day is on Saturday. Do you think I have had time to go get him his gift? I know what I want to pick up and I was sort of planning on doing it on one of the days I went to the gym. Ha - the gym. My cold seemed to put a kibosh on the gym thus going out on my own and picking up his gift on the sly.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the best day weatherwise and we're trying to come up with something fun so I'm guessing it's gonna be a no gym day again. I'll figure it out I'm sure.

A'ight time to end this and think about taking some sweet ny-quil and calling it a night. I'm not super sleepy but suprisingly I am kind of tired. Nice timing mr cold.

10:55 p.m. - 2009-05-20


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