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Must contain the excitement....

I'm at that place that drives me insane AND makes me ALL giddy all at the same time. Planning Hell. I am not only planning one event but two.

I am in the midst of searching for a good deal for about 20 people to stay in Niagara Falls during HIGH season - August. Nearly impossible but I am up for the task. We were originally booked at this one motel but when Keith and I were in the Falls the other day (I'll get to that) we stopped to check this place out and to say Scary would be an understatement. I get that it's low season but this place was out of the 1950's which can be cute and charming IF maintained. Trying to get hold of someone was a nightmare and didn't happen. So I was voluntold to find us a better place. I've only had one response and so far that wasn't a great price.

My other task is my PEI trip with T. I am trying very hard to maintain my excitement cause as is all things with T there is a chance (a very probable one) that this will come crashing down. As it is she's trying to shorten our trip by 5 days. Yah. Rather than have a full week plus 4 days for weekends to play with she now wants to do this with 6 days and that's including 4 days for travelling. Anyone else see a problem with this? Basically I just sent her an email and said that her shortening our trip is not gonna happen. We can't half-ass this trip especially since either way we're going to be spending quite a bit of dough not to mention travelling all this way just to site-see for 2 days is NUTS. I'm not sure how she'll feel about this but I have decided I'm not gonna go if that's the case. There are too many scenarios that have us being held up in terms of travelling that I don't want to be frustrated and not enjoy myself BECAUSE she wants to split her vacation time between me and her new boytoy of the month. He may not even be around in July! Harsh to say but true. The girl is fickle. Now I guess I sit back and await her response.

So getting back to Keith and I in the Falls. On Thursday we awoke to the most beautiful day to date weather wise. It was sunny, hot and humid. We hopped in the car and headed to the Falls. At first Keith didn't tell me where we were going (he likes to do that a lot) but then he decided to tell me since I'm the one who's always driven us there and knows the way! We only made it a day trip which I was a wee bit disappointed with - I lurve my hotels and more importantly POOLS! But we saved our cash and were home safe and sound by 10 that evening.

Yesterday we didn't do too much. I went out and did a little b-day shopping (finally) while Keith planted his veggie garden. We finally got our propane tanks refilled and could bbq again. Mmmm bbq.

Today has been all about the chillaxin' as well. We went out and had a wicked birthday lunch at a huge chinese buffet. The man walked away stuffed while I walked away pleasantly full. We got home and proceeded to have a chat with a neighbour where we found out everything about his life in 5 minutes flat. Lost his house, marriage, lives with his dad whom he fights with, losing his job gonna go on EI. Crazy. Some people just spill it all. He walked away knowing our first names oh and that Keith delivers bread!

Now we are sitting in the basement where Keith is playing one of the new games I bought him for his b-day. Not sure yet what we're gonna do for dinner. We were joking about wings earlier so who knows? It's his b-day so he gets to pick. Now I shall go and put this darn laptop away and think about sneaking away outside with my book for some me time while the hubby is occupied with his game!

3:59 p.m. - 2009-05-23


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