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Should I finish this alcoholic bevvie before bed? Hmmm

I am tired. If I was smart I'd be heading to bed right this very moment. Instead I'm catching up on Harper's Island and typing this here entry! Coming down from the high if you will! I had my work peeps over tonight. I cleaned like a mad woman last night but it still wasn't enough so I left work early today and cleaned again like a mad woman this time with Keith's help. We made the place quite presentable if I do say so myself.

We had about 10 people over so a big enough crowd. Everyone seemed to have a good time so I'm glad. We served a wicked dinner. A smoked pork roast and smoked ribs : de-lish! My loose lips mentioned that the reason the party was held tonight - rain or shine - was due to the boss being away but everyone whole heartedly agreed so that rocked! We did end up eating and staying inside. The weather did look promising at one point but then around 4 it began to pour. Eating in it was!

My dad did call during the shin-dig and we briefly discussed our hotel accomodations in the Falls in August. The original place they booked at was a pretty scary looking place not to mention all the bad reviews. So my dad did some calling around and no one comes close to offering the price of these people. I wonder why? So my dad went ahead and called the place and the man talked him back in to staying with him. Ugh. I'm torn. I really don't want to create waves but I really don't want to stay there. Now if we don't we're gonna look like prima donna's. And yah the place may be fine but do I really want to risk bed bugs? No! I don't know I'm gonna have to think on this a while. But my gut tells me Keith and I will be staying in the area just not at that place. I will pay the extra money for somewhere I can trust.

Speaking of hotels. I am in the process of booking a cottage for T and I in PEI! I found a pretty sweet one for $65 a night since it's their off-season (by one week!). I just have to actually get through to them cause their freakin' email doesn't seem to be working. I may just have to call -sigh. I will deal with this tomorrow. But we have to get on it now since the affordable decent places go fast.

A'ight I'm gonna post and finish watching my show....maybe I'll make it in bed for will be a huge step up from midnight last night!

10:02 p.m. - 2009-05-27


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