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I go out walkin'.....after midnight....okay not really

I am obsessed with feet...or more accurately my feet. I only recently started painting my toe nails but for the most part my toes have gone naked during most of the warm weather. That part is forgivable (mostly) but my heels are just gross! Cracked and dry. I occassionally take the foot file to them and slap on some moisturizer but this week I have gone Rambo on those feet! I have been soaking them every few days, and slathering them with cream. If I could only manage to sleep with socks on I'm sure it would make a difference if I slathered them before bed. Alas, I kick the socks off the instance I'm in bed.

So I had a somber morning at work, just thinking about everything and then finally reading the update on the d-land gal that I was worried about and her news wasn't good. It was just a sad morning.

Eventually my funk began to lift. I began to joke around with co-workers adn then I read an email from my sil in which my brother had to write a bio for the singing group their in and she shared it with us and it was hilarious. It just lightened the heart to realize that I not only love my brother I really really like him as a person. He is awesome and so funny. I love my older brother too just we don't seem to have as much in common but when we do talk I feel the connection between us and it's nice.

The PEI thing hasn't been solved but I have come to realize it's not the end of the world. If it turns out Keith has the week off for sure then I will make the proposal to T about a couples thing and if she wants just the two of us to go as originally planned then so be it. Keith will have to be a bachelor for a week but we will be having our vacation together come August. I'm sure my feelings will be all over the place in the coming weeks but for right now I feel okay about it.

So tonight I was very very bad. I was in the mood to shop....and I did. Crappola. It just sucks that every morn I get up and especially on casual days at work I only have 2 shirts that I really like and now they are getting old. So I shopped. Of course I think I ended up buying only one top and that was a work top so go figure! Oh I don't mean to imply I only bought one thing...aux contraire....I bought: 2 pairs of pants ($15 for both), a pair of jeans and a pajama top ($13) for both, a pair of pajama bottom capris, and a pair of pajama shorts. I always need to buy a new pair of pj's for trips. I really like to be comfy and look cute when I go away! Oh crap in looking at my receipt the girl scanned the pair of jeans I bought 2x so I got charged an extra $10. I'm gonna have to go and fix that tomorrow. I wonder how it will affect the free $20 gift card I got for spending over $75 dollars. I was $2 under and she told me if I spent $2 more I got a $20 gift card for free! Sold! I may have to make another purchase if I show them their mistake but really I'm okay with that since I'd rather that then paying double for the same pair of pants!

After my shopping spree I headed to the next store to buy my sil her bridal shower gift for tomorrow. I'm heading there on my own tomorrow around 1pm. I was gonna make all these plans for tomorrow i.e. get up early go to the gym...but realistically I know it won't happen and rather then be disappointed in myself with the guilt of not going I have decided I'm just gonna chill. I will sleep in so I get at least 8 hours sleep (lately that is sleeping in for me!), I will leisurely get ready for my afternoon party and I will just keep it on the down low till I head out. Although I think I have altered my plans somewhat by stopping by the store and getting the pants thing sorted out but that's just being smart. I'm really peeved that this store has changed their register so now when they ring things in, it shows the 'non-sales' price on the monitor and at the very end it shows the sale prices but the customer doesn't see that till after they get the receipt. How are we supposed to know when they make a mistake? Oh wait we're not! Sneaky.

Alright I am gonna wrap up, shut down and head upstairs to bed. I imagine I will do a little reading but I really hope my eyes will flutter shut before midnight!

10:36 p.m. - 2009-05-29


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