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Trips are supposed to FUN right?!

Okay I wrote a whole paragraph this morning that I just deleted. I was bitching BIG time about my trip to PEI. I had to re-adjust my mindset, which I will be honest with you hasn’t been 100% switched over yet. Deep breath. We are delaying our trip by a day and a half. Rather than leaving at 7am Saturday morning we are leaving at 3pm Sunday. Yah pretty big difference. When you just have a week. But T’s guy J has his kid until 2pm Sunday. He can’t get out of it as he does not how do you say get along with his ex. He didn’t even know he had a kid until she was 3 months old. I guess he fights for the visitations that he does get so trying to change them is a huge no-no. I am coming to terms with this – deep breath. T has fallen for this guy hook line and sinker and it is just really weird to see that. I told Keith I would not be surprised if they are shacked up in another couple of months and married within a year and that is the honest to God’s truth. They are that into each other. I’m not gonna lie one or both of them may end up falling off the Ferry to PEI ‘by accident’. Although I guess this can only work in Keith and mine’s favour, we’ll have lots of one-on-one time as the love birds stare into each other’s eyes while we’re site seeing. We can wander off and do our own thing. Something tells me she’ll want me to send her copies of my pics when we’re back from our trip.

Oh yah she also asked if maybe we could take my car which was a big ol’ hell no. Besides the fact we’d be putting mega kilometres on it (which alright isn’t that huge a deal) I also have some mechanical issues that prevent me from taking it thousands of kilometres away and crossing my fingers. Home girl ain’t up to a huge ass car bill in the middle of our trip. Yah we’re gonna be somewhat squished in T’s car but tuff shit we’ll deal. Admittedly while lying in bed last night thinking about this stuff I was having this odd chest tightening feeling while thinking of being squished in the back seat of T’s car. Kind of like the feeling I had when I was on the plane and felt ‘caged in’. At least T’s car has windows that roll down! I think she is seriously regretting us using her car though so I am a little leery about the situation. Oh yah she also hinted at Keith and I taking MY car and meeting them DOWN there. Well there goes the whole ‘road trip’ aspect not to mention the saving money part! Way to economize!

She emailed me this morning with this ‘suggestion’ and then when I didn’t answer she sent me another telling me to answer her! So I ignored her some more. I am nothing if not childish in my revenge! She then went ahead and picked up the phone so I had to answer that (mainly cause it was from a number I didn’t recognize and since I’m at work I’m obligated to answer my phone!). I told her that there was no way we were taking 2 cars cause it was ridiculously stupid! I downplayed how pissed I was at leaving Sunday afternoon. This is my issue to deal with. Yah it’s not how I would like it but I can either just make the best of all these obstacles OR pretty much not go at all. That second option just plain sucks. So I shall force myself to not be so anal and just sit back and have an awesome time. I think part of T really wanted us to take separate cars so her and J could be on their own. Seriously this is how IN to each other they are. I may have to bring a spray bottle to spray them when we’re together – like 2 animals in friggin’ heat! That or I’m gonna have to ramp up Keith’s sleep before we leave and we’ll just have to take on that challenge of being sickingly sweet to each other AND have tons of sex! Hmmm that idea doesn’t sound half bad (memo to self: make sure Keith gets plenty of sleep before trip!)

Alright I am off to have a bite to eat and then hopefully go out in the sunshine for a little walk and maybe let go of some of this angst and stress over a trip that is supposed to be FUN!

12:52 p.m. - 2009-06-03


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