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Revenge is a dish best served cold

I've been up since 9am - that's early for me. I had to convince myself to get up as I was cocooned in my nice dark room - nuff said - time to get my butt out of bed. It's my weekend habit to sleep in more and more as the days go on and then come Sunday night I expect myself to go to bed at a decent time - haha I say. Although this time I won't be going to work on Monday however I'll still have to get up roughly the same time I normally do for my doctor's appointment. But enough of that nonsense!

I was doing some thinking and I've decided I should lay off of T for a while. It's no surprise I haven't been happy with her and her guy switching up our PEI trip plans and I've been telling anyone who listen how upset I am about it. It doesn't help that they all agree with me so I feel even more resentful. But I have decided to just relax and go with it. It's gonna be what it's gonna be so there's no point gettting worked up about it. I've also been 'making fun of' how schmoopy T and her guy are. While yes it can be annoying that 2 people are THAT into each to the point of exlcuding everyone around them I have to remind myself that this is probably the first time T has ever been like this with a guy. Her ex and her were of the smack each other as hard as they could to show affection variety. They never held hands and now that I think of it I don't think I've ever seen them kiss in the 9 years I've known them. She deserves this. Yes, it's annoying to those of us around them but this phase doesn't last forever so I should just be happy that she's happy and learn to turn my head more so I don't have to bare witness to it at all times.

I think a part of me also wants payback. You see T made me feel BAD a lot of the time for wanting to spend time with Keith. For wanting to go home early after we swam so I could spend time with Keith before he went to bed. Now it's her turn to want to spend all her spare time with her guy and I really can't begrudge her that....but I can give her a hard time about it like she's done with me! Am I evil? I sort of feel it.

I also may have went off on a tangent with T about our swimming Wednesday's or lack there of. We haven't swam in months. I suggested it and then she countered by saying those nights were taken up by another friend for beer drinking or some such nonsense. I guilted her and yah now we're going to be swimming once again on Wednesday's at the REC centre. We're going to cut out the drinking afterwards for our figures and our pocketbooks she said, but I suspect it's more to get home to J which I'm fine with!

I have blue toes...smurf toes. I had dark blue nail polish on and I just removed it leaving my toes a light blue. I have to paint them tomorrow. Yes have to. The cafe lady in my building loaned me this kit to put small designs on my painted nails and I have to return it to her...oh wait I can paint my toes Monday cause I won't be seeing her till Tuesday. Thrilling I know.

I'm sure I had more to say that wasn't so boring. Maybe. I'm not sure what I'm going to do today. Keith is working right now. I saw him yesterday on my walk to the gym after work and I was so excited to see him - it's ridiculous I should be that excited to see my husband but alas it's true. I think he would normally be done around 12 today but he left a few calls to be done today so that's going to prolong his day. Which leaves me time to myself. Hm. If only I knew what to do! I shouldn't spend money but I desperately need some casual tee's. I also desperately want to buy some new bras but since my last new one broke - the underwire - I am afraid to buy the same kind. The crux is that these bras are super awesome. They fit me (no small task) and look great on me. If only they were more sturdy my life would be complete!! (Bra-wise). Hrm.

I played with my Wii Fit again last night. My balance sucks but at least it says I'm improving and not getting worse!

I'm reading 3 books at the moment. One at work which is a really interesting mystery, one that I read at bedtime that is okay but pretty slow and not that entertaining so it's easy for me to put down and go to sleep which is a good thing. The third is one I started last night when I sat outside in the evening - it's too early to tell if that one is going to capture my attention or not. I found a whole bag of books in our front closet that I must have bought last summer. I'm going through them to pick out the best ones to bring on my trip with me. I figure I'll actually get a chance to read on the car ride since hey we can't talk the whole 24 hours can we? I'm really wishing one of us had a mini-van about now - more expensive on gas but so much more room!

My neigbhour is cutting their grass again. I think they cut it every 3 days? It grows fast I guess. A'ight time to go figure out what I'm going to do with my day. I purposely didn't go to the basement this morning as I can easily get sucked in to the cool darkness and suddenly going out into the bright sunshine doesn't seem so appealing. I blame Keith. He is a lover of the darkness. He doesn't really like the sun. With my fair skin it would probably make my life easier if I felt that way but I don't. I just have to remember to slap on the sunscreen - a lot!

10:12 a.m. - 2009-06-06


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