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Waterlogged but pretty happy otherwise

I went swimming with T tonight at our REC centre with the fun slide and swirlpool. Not too much sliding done though - I wore a bathing suit that let's say didn't really want to stay on my hot bod - I was looking stylin' as only a saggy bathing suit can prove.

I reek of chlorine right now but it's worth it. T and I discussed our PEI trip - her car has decided to have a break down and she's putting in hundreds of dollars right now. This is something she'd have to fix regardless if we were going anywhere but not the best timing no?

I put on a bra this morning that I found hanging on the back of my door. It was beige and pretty. I tried it on and it fit beautifully. I wondered why I hadn't been wearing this gem - I soon found out. The wires in the side dug into me unmercifully and KILLED all day. I even put band-aids and then eventually kleenex underneath the wires. Erm, I'm going to have to figure something out cause I am NOT getting rid of this bra cause it was too expensive and it's a damn good bra (besides the excrutiating pain it causes!).

A co-worker called me today asking if I would 'loan' her mini-lights to another co-worker. The lights she had loaned me for my wedding. Two things. First off it was tulle that she loaned me. Second of all, that tulle was unfortunatley lost when my relatives took down the decorations and someone took it by mistake. Four years ago I told her I would compensate her and she said no it was okay. Yah, I told her I would look one more time for her stuff basically just to shut up her up. But seriously?

I'm shocked tomorrow's Thursday. Dinner and shopping with C and T after work. Hopefully I can fit in a quick workout before I meet them. If my muscles are up to it I will do some weights. I worked out on a whole different set of machines. My gym boyfriend showed them to me. That's my nickname for the trainer like guy who flirts with me. I say that like I know what flirting is but I don't. I'm oblivous to it. I just think someone is being super nice. Anywho he told me had been watching me and that he felt I was ready to move to the next stage which is these really hard machines that totally kill my muscles! I worked out muscles I didn't know I have and obviously never use! I'm in a wee bit of pain today but hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better.

Hm I had more to say and even deeper things to write about but I just ain't in the mood. Go fig.

9:10 p.m. - 2009-06-10


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