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Shop till you drop....again.

Oh it's going to be an early night tonight. I am one tired grrl. Last night I was sleeping okay but woke up when Keith was up getting ready for work at 3am. I had a 2 minute conversation with him and then spent the next hour or so unable to sleep. It was silly. As he talked to me he sounded so sad so I asked him what was wrong. Turns out he was just tired. I'm a worrier so my mind continued to churn things over and I just couldn't fall back to sleep. The alarm was so not my friend this morning. I'm glad I did most of my prep work the night before so I could just get up and basically head out the door.

I had this whole paragraph I wrote earlier about a couple smokers in my office who were coughing up a lung, it was dis-gusting. If you're eating it completely turns you off your food. Get a clue people stop smoking...or at the very least get the hell out of the office while coughing up said lung! Gah. Oh yah the paragraph I wrote earlier was trashed by moi when I never got back to finishing my entry from this morning!

I had grand plans to hit the gym before meeting C and T but I realized I would be pushing myself too hard and not even getting in a decent work out. Also I would probably end up late like I normally do. So instead I took my time driving to our designated meeting place but stopped along the way at a second hand store - Bingo!

I spent $29 and bought a pair of beige capris for work (they were brand spankin' new), a white t-shirt (also looked new), a blue sweater that is so comfy, a top that I'm iffy about as it's not my normal type of thing but I branched out and bought it. I also bought a couple non-clothing items. Not bad for under $30 eh?

I then met up with T and C at the Laura Secord outlet. T and I ran into eachother accidentally as we were both early. When C arrived we told her to come over. We all walked out with bags of CHEAP quality chocolate! I'll be bringing some to work tomorrow and will be the hero of the day.

We then had a bite to eat before proceeding to hit several factory outlet stores. I bought a pair of very comfy sneakers that have mesh on the side so there's no need to wear socks. I think this will be my shoes of choice for my PEI trip. I also bought one shirt at Winners. I really liked this orange shirt I tried on but it just looked slightly off cause of my stupid honkin' boobs. Ugh. But the green one I found was awesome.

It's been a day of spending that's for sure. At lunch I was out picking up the last few gift items (2 b-days and father's day). I also bought a tank top and a pajama top. I may be out of control and should just step back from the cashiers for a while! The clothes I buy are needed for the most part (the pj's are more luxury) but the shirts and whatnot are definitely needed. I went through a phase at work a few years ago where I wore plain colored t-shirts. No designs, no pizzaz nuthin'. Those shirts are now my old rag shirts that I wear for dying my hair or doing dirty work. I no longer want to wear boring tee's to work so I am challenged at trying to find cute, affordable shirts that fit!

I won't even get into the whole 'fitting' issue. It's just too depressing and I am out and out sabatoging my attempt at weight loss. It sucks but I think it sucks even more that I realize this and still continue. One day at a time right now. I will get back on track one of these days. It's just a matter of when.

9:40 p.m. - 2009-06-11


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