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My (bitchy) day:


Iím not feeling the love that is today. I woke up from a dream in which I was quite bitchy and even though Iím not feeling bitchy Iím not feeling sunshiny either. I guess you would say Iím feeling morose. I just had to look up that word to make sure it meant what I thought it did and it matches my feelings to a t. Yesterday was filled with so much planning Ė planning to meet up with T and her mom for lunch Ė planning to meet with T after work, planning to dye my hair. Texts flew between T and I fast and furious. Today it is quiet. Today there is no planning for adventures. Today there is just me waking up from a bitchy dream and the dull overcast sky that promises rain for the rest of the day. Morose.

I dyed my hair last night. It doesnít look any different. I consider this a good thing. I probably even used the same color as last time. Iím going for hi-lites after work and Iím not sure what color Iím going to get. I think Iíll probably just leave it up to the (still-in-training) experts.

Tís car repairs are all done. They came to $800 but because the smart gal got an extended warranty when she bought her car they only cost $50. The girl can be a ditz but she is one of the smartest ditzí I know. It looks like the trip to PEI is still on schedule.

I got to hear first hand Jís baby-mama go off the deep end. She called screaming about how she had no diaper wipes, no milk for the kid cause apparently the kid drank 4 litres in the last few days. She wants money. I told T that J should just ask her for a list of things she needs until she has money and he would bring them over rather than give her money for things since everyone knows sheís not spending the cash on things the kid needs. Itís quite disgusting and I think if I was J I would have an ulcer dealing with her drama especially since she has full custody of my kid.

I got one more load of laundry done last night Ė mainly to wash a shirt so I could wear it today. But this pretty much means all my clothes that I need for the trip are washed now I just have to get to packing them in a bag. I nagged T to make sure she packed her stuff early and she not only listened but she is done and so is J. Oops. Guess I should practice what I preach. Although Tís way of packing and mine are completely different. I tend to make sure I have Ďoutfitsí not just clothes thrown in a bag. T is more the type to throw shit in a bag and hope for the best. Clothes are actually a small part of what I pack Ė I try and think of the obscure things you may need Ė like nail clippers, floss, band-aids, hand cream Ė you get the gist. I tend to over pack the small stuff but I hate needing something small like that.

Oh yah, my boss approved my 2 extra vacation days I tagged on so now I get a cool 2 weeks off! I havenít had 2 weeks off since my wedding 4 Ĺ years ago. Pretty dang sweet. Iím not sure what Iíll do the second week but Iím sure Iíll be able to think of something (something that doesnít involve going to work with Keith like he wishes!).

Alright itís coffee time....gotta chug.


I just had a conversation over the phone with our security guard that totally reminded me of the movie Office Space. Milton is going on and on in a phone call about squirrels or something irrelevant and buddy is trying to get off the phone and just agreeing and not adding anything to the conversation. Thatís pretty much how our conversation went.

Iím wearing the tabboo bra from a few weeks ago Ė the one that left marks on my body. Did I fix said bra? No not really. I put a band-aid over the offending wires that are trying to poke out. So far itís kind of working. Itís not the most comfortable but at least there is no pain.

Just to let you know, I think I may be going insane. There is f*cking construction outside of the building where I work. This has been ongoing for months now and every now and then it becomes super loud and super f*cking annoying.

Hm. I think I just may be a tad bitchy today...maybe my dream was correct after all. Right then, time to go feed my face and hope the rest of my day gets better!


Itís official, I am pmsíing. What great timing before an 18 hour road trip! I would make a note to bring loads of chocolate for the car trip but I really donít want to have a pizza face full of zits in all the photos! I thought I was getting better as I actually left the office after having my soup and walked to the used book store. I wandered the store and found next to nothing of interest in their clearance section. I walked out of there with 3 books for $9. Two of them were $1 each. I debated buying the Ďexpensiveí one but I figured since Iím going on vacay I can justify it. I normally get one pricey read for vacay rather than being cheap and just waiting till it goes on sale.

So not only am I bitchy (yah yah the dream was showing me my future) but Iíve also gone into the hungry-zone. Itís like I never even ate the soup at lunch. On my way back from lunch I stopped and bought a chicken wrap from our cafe lady (small but thankfully filling) and then topped it off with a date square. Oh my.

9:01 pm

I don't think I'll be getting hi-lites any time soon again. I can't even notice I got them and I spent 40 bucks! Maybe they will show up tomorrow but the dude asked me honestly how I liked them. It was the same guy who did my hair 2 days ago so we have a repertoire. I told him that I had been expecting a little more 'bang' and for it to not be so subtle. He understood but I assured him I liked them cause I'm nice like that and never want to hurt people's feelings! Like I said we'll see how it looks tomorrow when I style it my way. Maybe then the hi-lites will 'pop' or you know at least make themselves known (ps I got 2 different colors).

Time to go and...end this bitchy day!

8:55 p.m. - 2009-06-18


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