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Another 'time' entry with a little TMI thrown in

9:01 am

Before I get to how today is going let me just finish off yesterday’s day since after I posted I had what could only be called the ‘climax’ of the day and not in a good way! How do I put this? Let’s see, how about I just recommend that when taking care of 'business' you do not rush, you do not use too little toilet paper and you maybe file down your sharp nails. That should avoid any bleeding. Yes. Ouch. Bloody good way to end the bitchy day from hell (no pun intended! heh). End Scene.

Now onto today! I must admit it was unclear from the get-go which way this day would go. I went to bed super late and pretty sore (see above paragraph!). I was in the middle of a lovely crazy dream (more on that in a moment) when I glanced over at my clock and saw it was exactly one minute until my alarm would begin to beep at me. Swearing under my breath I climbed out of bed, turned off my alarm and went in search for my cell phone so I could set it for another 15 minutes of sweet slumber. I found my cell with relative ease only to find it DEAD. Apparently hooking it up to a blue tooth drains the life out of it double time. I stumbled back to bed and took my chances by closing my eyes and laying back down. I thought I might end up falling back to sleep and waking up late for work but no such luck. I rested for about 10 minutes more before getting up and turning my radio on and listening to the news.

As for my crazy dream....well I was dreaming of male genitals. It wasn’t as dirty as it sounds. I guess there was a talk show and the men were going on about how ‘super large’ they were and then there was some sort of ‘game’ involved in which the men got turned on and I guess um the more turned on they got the more these cue balls flew threw the air. It sounds dirtier than it was. At no point did I see anything it was all talk. My other dream before that dealt with my pre-trip packing freak out. I have these whenever I go on a trip longer than a weekend. In my dream I am rushing around and forgetting to pack stuff and normally there are tears involved. Guess I better get packing tonight!

I’m not sure how today is going to go work wise. I think it’s actually going to go fast since I like to have my desk completely clear of clutter and anything work related and I also like to leave some cute made up poster to tape to my monitor. Basically my day will be filled with lots of non-work related things!

9:53 am

So last night I remembered that we had a picture contest at work. You could submit 3 pictures in 3 different categories. I don’t think you win anything except you know the honour of winning. I had emailed myself the details so I checked my email last night only to find out that I must have been rushed so I only sent myself some of the info. I didn’t know what the 3 categories were and I wasn’t sure what day the contest closed (I was pretty sure today). So I stayed up super late (yup this was the reason) and went through some of my pics and chose about 10 to send to myself. It, of course, took me forever to figure how to send them to myself (become computer literate already would ya!). I got into work this morning and scanned our internal website for the contest info and could not find it. The feeling of disappointment washed over me so intense that I thought I might actually cry. All that searching for nothing. Our website has ‘headlines’ and I could find no mention of the contest. Finally I typed in contests in our search bar and there it materialized. The deadline is today! I didn’t miss it. Of course the categories weren’t what I thought they were but I entered 2 out of 3 so that wasn’t bad. I entered a nature/ landscape one with a black and white photo that I took while camping last summer, it’s of a hill going up and there are trees at the top. It’s not spectacular but I find it intriguing. I also entered the 'people at work' with a pic I took in the Dominican of this guy shucking coconuts it’s a really cool action shot.


Looky here, it's about 12 hours later! Well my day did zoom by as predicted - with mostly non-work related items of course.

So I did actually do some packing tonight - surprise surprise. Of course I agonized over each outfit I packed as I really feel the need to pack MORE. I am fighting my instincts and hopefully winning. I'm also packing Keith's bag as well (cause I'm a good wifey like that) and his bag size is literally half of mine - ha. I wonder if I'll be able to fit all his stuff in it or if I'll have to move to a bag the same size as mine. Hm I just might do that since I then can normally use his as 'extra' storage for myself - heh.

Tomorrow I have grand plans to do a million different things inside and outside of the house. I can remember none of them. Yah.

I made tentative plans with T to go out tonight. I am desperately hoping she doesn't call. How wrong is that? I am hoping that her man will beg her to stay and she will. I was all gung ho this afternoon and I admit mainly it is due to a bunch of work people going to this place tonight and there may be major 'drama'. I'm a drama whore so witnessing it first hand would have been wicked. Man that makes me sound awesome doesn't it? But now? Now I could care less and I know I will get the scoop from other co-workers. Tonight I would rather just chill, do a little more packing and then head to bed at a decent hour. Tomorrow is gonna be one busy day. Stay silent mr phone stay silent.

9:01 p.m. - 2009-06-19


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