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PEI Bound!!!

So I figure I should add an entry now cause I procrastinated so much today I won't have time to breath tomorrow before T arrives let alone type an entry! Why I do this to myself I'll never know. I just can't seem to prepare ahead of time...for anything. Under Pressure works best for me I guess.

I got up at 7am this morning. Seven freakin' a.m. on a Saturday morning. Mind you I didn't get out of bed till after 8 - I refused on principle. I was not impressed with my body.

Now that I think back on it I really didn't do all that much today. I basically cleaned our kitchen and began to organize our new storage cupboards. I looked endlessly for my camera charger and never found it until Keith and I both searched tonight.

We headed out for a few hours and spent a bucket load of money at big W. I also went out on my own before that and spent a small fortune on 4 bras. Even if my bod doesn't look the way I would prefer right now my boobs will look awesome! I almost had Keith convinced to buy me anothe mp3 player for $40. It was super cool and I regret not being able to make the final sale. I'm sure if we had been buying ANYTHING I could have sold it but as we were walking out of there empty handed it was not happening. He said we can get it when we get back - a lot of good it does for the trip this week but hey at least if something happens to my cpod I won't feel too bad but I would if it was the new one!

Well I think I will actually shut everything off and go and hopefully finish packing. Tomorrow Keith is heading to work for 7 for only a couple hours, he'll come home, we'll make up our trip sandwiches, get everything together and then he'll hopefully have time for a nap since he wants to do the midnight shift of driving. I can't freakin' believe I'm leaving for PEI in only a few hours!!!

See you in a week!!!!!

10:18 p.m. - 2009-06-20


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